Incident in Nebraska - 1884. Witnesses describe a strange crashed mechanism

Incident in Nebraska - 1884. Witnesses describe a strange crashed mechanism

In the US state of Nebraska there is a small town called Max. It occupies a small area of ​​20 blocks in the southwestern part of the state and is located near the district of Dundee. But this place became known because of a strange event, which is attributed to the collapse of a UFO.

Everything happened on June 6, 1884. Cowboy John W. Ellis and his three shepherds were on the field when they noticed a bright flash in the sky. They saw how something massive collapsed on the ground, raising a column of dust. From afar one could notice the mechanism engulfed in flames.

The first to consider the crash site was the shepherd Alf Williamson. Witnesses claimed that he had only approached a UFO just a few meters and immediately caught fire, although the flame did not touch him. Later he will have to undergo a rehabilitation course and be treated for burns.

Incident in Nebraska - 1884. Witnesses describe a strange crashed mechanism

The shepherds were afraid to approach and decided to call the local sheriff. Much of the report is from E. W. Rawlins. When the flame went out, the sheriff was able to consider a wonder. He said that it was some kind of mechanism resembling a spacecraft. In one of the articles left description:

Rawlins found a pile of shards. One detail resembled a metal screw with a width of 40 cm and a thickness of 3 cm. There was also a wheel and other parts of the vehicle ... Local residents said that the parts glowed with such heat that they burned most of the grass around them. In addition, they talked about a bright glow that blinded one of the witnesses ”.

According to the general concepts, the construction was stretched in length by 15-18 m, and in diameter it covered about 3-4 m. The mechanism resembled a cylinder in shape. In newspaper articles suggested that this is a flying ship, which appeared from another planet.

Local residents summoned the military to deal with the fragments, to which no one ventured to touch. But on June 10, something unexpected happened. A heavy downpour had gone and the parts scattered around the crash site simply evaporated, leaving behind burned earth and grass.

Incident in Nebraska - 1884. Witnesses describe a strange crashed mechanism

Some ufologists involved in investigating the incident in 1884 believe that the shower was created artificially. Most likely, the second group of newcomers arrived at the crash site and took all the details of the crashed ship. However, all this greatly frightened the locals, who are trying not to spread about the incident and bypass the site of the fall. The greatest skeptic was the researcher John Buder. He said that the time of the fall coincides with the period of the development of the first airships. Most likely, one of these first constructions fell into the field. And since people did not see anything like this before, they could perceive this event as a UFO crash. Where are the details? He does not believe in the fear of local farmers and says that stolen parts can still be hidden in one of the sheds.

However, this explanation does not suit ufologists. The fall of the airship does not explain where the heat from the parts rose so high that even the sand on the ground melted, and the victim suffered severe burns, although he was far from the center of the flame. What do you think?

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