Roswell Incident - 1947 Ufologists are sure that the military hid the wrecked alien ship

Roswell Incident - 1947 Ufologists are sure that the military hid the wrecked alien ship

The Roswell incident still haunts ufologists and conspiracy theorists. Too many secrets and rumors are observed in this story. But according to the most courageous assumptions, it can be concluded that this is the first case of alien abduction.

It all started with the farmer Maka Brazel, who lived in the city of Roswell. On the night of July 2, 1947, during a thunderstorm, he saw a powerful flash of light and a strong roar. The next morning, the farmer learned that all his sheep were gone. During the search, he came across an object shaped like a disk. He lay in a pile of fragments that looked like foil. Some signs resembling figures, hieroglyphs or ancient Indian letters appeared on the walls of the subject (there were many witnesses in the place).

Roswell Incident - 1947 Ufologists are sure that the military hid the wrecked alien ship

Major Jesse Marcel (right) from Houma (Louisiana) holds debris at the UFO crash site in Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947.

The farmer was advised to contact the sheriff at Roswell Air Base. He called and told about the find. But before that I managed to give a few interviews. It is said that the military arrived when he told the story on the radio and allegedly stopped broadcasting.

An official on-site investigation was conducted on July 8, 1947. The report wrote that not far from the farm they managed to find a strange disk with a size of up to 4 m. The media immediately began to write that the farmer had discovered a flying saucer. After that, the airbase representatives spoke and said that the find was an ordinary weather probe. No aliens and secrets, you can disperse. However, ufologists were convinced that the crashed object was a UFO, driven by a living alien. It is because of this story that rumors arose that the US military took the alien guest to a secret base and conducted experiments on it.

Roswell Incident - 1947 Ufologists are sure that the military hid the wrecked alien ship

Raimi (left) holds a letter, and Duboz is looking at a device to predict wind at the Fort Worth Army airfield.

Major Jesse Marcel, who was investigating the incident, added fuel to the fire. Marcel later confirmed that he had seen with his own eyes a broken mechanism with unusual inscriptions. The next day, he personally carried the goods to Fort Worth for study. Together with the assistant, they laid out the fragments in front of the general, who ordered to spread the story with the weather probe. Although Marcel says that no one present has ever seen anything like it.

Jesse Marcel was supposed to carry cargo further to Wright-Patterson Air Base, but the flight was suddenly canceled. The major said:

I was just taken off the flight, and the assignment was transferred to someone else. After that, we were generally forbidden to talk about this story and contact with the media. It was only possible to distribute the version of General Raimi about the meteorological probe ”.

Marcel also confirmed that initially journalists were allowed to take photographs of the wreckage, but they were covered and the press was not allowed close. He adds:

In the first photos next to the real wreckage I sit. Then the journalists were allowed closer and allowed to take pictures again, but these were already other fragments, and the real ones were flying to Wright-Patterson airbase ”.

Since the military stopped all investigations and did not provide any information, many suggestions arose. The most common version - a UFO crash and the death of an alien. For example, in 1987, researcher D. Shander received an anonymous letter with typewritten text. This was supposedly a report from President Harry Truman, written by US Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal. It described the events in Roswell in 1947, where the military managed to find 4 dead humanoids near the crash site. They were sent to various military bases for further research, and the scientists were ordered to keep secrets.

Roswell Incident - 1947 Ufologists are sure that the military hid the wrecked alien ship

Five pilots demonstrate a radar device attached to a meteorological balloon at Fort Worth Air Force Base on July 7, 1947 (5 days after the Roswell incident)

In the future, this document was checked many times and noted that it could still be faked. But the fake was really high-quality (the document was signed by President Harry Truman, and this signature turned out to be real, but the specific typewriter font was not used at that time). There were suspicions that the crashed object could be a rocket designed like the German V-2. And in 1997, the US Air Force released information that in 1947, tests were conducted near Roswell. In this case, the item found was not at all a meteorological, but a spy probe that monitored the USSR.

Moreover, it was rumored that the Roswell incident was a provocation by Stalin, who was trying to sow panic among the Americans. However, they believe that this is just an example of anti-Soviet propaganda, which has no basis.

The Roswell incident continues to be an enigma, which has grown amid espionage, secrecy and general panic and rumors of flying saucers. Perhaps it really was just a meteorological probe. But where are these pieces now and where have the sheep gone from the farm?

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