Unidentified object seen over a nuclear plant in the Hudson Valley

Unidentified object seen over a nuclear plant in the Hudson Valley

Only an hour north of New York you can be in the Hudson Valley. This is one of the most popular places for UFO sightings, which cannot be explained so far.

Events began in December 1982. A few minutes before midnight, a retired police officer in a backyard in Kent noticed a group of strange lights located in the south. They burned with red, green and white colors.

At first, the officer thought that this was a distressed jet plane. However, an object with a size of 152 meters flew over his house and moved too slowly. In addition, he heard only a faint humming sound. The lights were lined in a V-shape and were connected by a dark triangular fuselage.

Unidentified object seen over a nuclear plant in the Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley where UFOs were spotted

Similar images have been seen in the Hudson Valley region many times. Hundreds of different witnesses have reported lights for several years. On March 26, 1983, the headline “Hundreds of Witnesses Saw UFOs” even appeared on the front page of a local newspaper.

This article, which described the events of March 24, attracted the attention of a group of researchers led by ufologist and astronomer Joseph Allen Heineck. The group studied the phenomena, after which the book “Night siege: UFO sightings in the Hudson Valley” was published.

The group even opened a UFO hotline, which received more than 300 calls from people who saw strange objects on the night of March 24th. One of the witnesses said that the lights were moving in the shape of Z. He described the object as a triangular ship with 30-40 bright colored lights along the rear edge. It seemed to him that the UFO was incredibly huge and rather looked like a city flying in the sky.

Unidentified object seen over a nuclear plant in the Hudson Valley

That same evening, the object was seen in Yorktown, where the local police were literally flooded with messages. Most of the information came from Takonsky Boulevard, where people just stopped to view the object. They said that in size it resembled an aircraft carrier.

UFO researchers managed to count more than 5,000 witnesses who saw a similar object in 1982-1986. Usually UFOs flew over large areas and showed only at night. And many of the witnesses were not local madmen and seekers of fame, but reliable people.

Characteristically, the UFO moved at low speed, rotated slowly, but could suddenly disappear from sight. Most often, the shape resembled the letter V, the color and location of the lights could vary. Sometimes the object was seen at once in several places at the same time, so they were supposed to be several.

One of the brightest reports came from the guards of the nuclear power plant. They claimed that the UFO had hung over a nuclear reactor for several minutes, approaching 9 m. The security chief even wanted to give an order to knock down the object. The size was compared with three football fields.

Unidentified object seen over a nuclear plant in the Hudson Valley

Venus and the Moon in the night sky. Agree, pretty easy to confuse her with an unidentified object?

It seemed that the UFO was also interested in the reservoirs, as it was seen above the Croton Falls reservoir, where its red ray probed the water surface. A detailed study of events led to several unraveled cases, when a group of bright lights were just planes, balloons, satellites. And sometimes they took the bright planet Venus for UFOs. But the point is that a logical explanation was found only for a few events. Many witnesses claimed that the lights were moving as a solid object. And some were convinced that the lights surrounded a large separate object. But everyone said that it could not be just a plane or any other terrestrial technology.

Unidentified object seen over a nuclear plant in the Hudson Valley

There are several realistic explanations from scientists. Many agree on the idea that people saw an ordinary airship. These objects move almost silently, slowly and are able to hang in the air. However, the researchers contacted all the operators of local airships and did not find a coincidence in the flight schedule with the observed events. In addition, how to explain the appearance of the airship above the nuclear power plant or the red ray above the reservoir?

Ufologists are convinced that this was a group of UFO intelligence officers who settled in the Hudson Valley, studying local resources. Perhaps the water was of great importance to them. In any case, these events are still a mystery.

Interestingly, some local residents decided to cash in on the situation, so they opened hotels and offered the best conditions to UFO hunters. You can stay here for a few days, get a map indicating the places of observation and go on a search.

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