Meggitt Sensors and Valves - a guarantee of reliable operation of turbine equipment.

Meggitt Sensors and Valves - a guarantee of reliable operation of turbine equipment.

DM Energy presents the Meggitt Group (UK) products in Russia. In 1850, immigrants from Italy Enrico Negretti and Joseph Zambra in London opened a small private workshop specializing in the production of navigation and aviation equipment. They carried out the first aerial survey of the capital of the British Empire. A few years later, the company's clients included the royal fleet, a meteorological service.

By the beginning of World War II, the main areas of activity were finally chosen: aviation equipment, components and materials. Individual units engaged in the production of electronic parts, sensors, instruments for measuring and testing.

In the 21st century, the Meggitt group has divisions and branches on all continents. In the state of enterprises - more than 10 thousand people. Production of composite materials for both military and peaceful purposes was added to the main activities. Particular attention is paid to the oil and gas, nuclear industry, aviation, land transport.

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The modern Meggitt catalog includes the following lines:

  • Endevco. Includes sensors, signal converters. The main task is to measure vibration, mechanical shock effects, pressure;
  • Sensorex. The main elements are displacement sensors: linear and angular. This group also includes automation and electronics units for various purposes;
  • Wilcoxon Research. The line combines accelerometers, components and components to them;
  • Vibro-Meter. One group includes tracking and monitoring systems operating under extreme loads (aviation and oil and gas);
  • Ferroperm Piezoceramics. As part of this line, piezoelectric components are produced for vibration sensors, ultrasound equipment. The main material is ceramics.
Meggitt Sensors and Valves - a guarantee of reliable operation of turbine equipment.

In addition, DM Energy offers to purchase anti-surge, fuel, waste air, intermediate, metering valves with hydraulic, pneumatic and electric actuators. There is an opportunity to buy components and parts for turbines powered by natural or liquefied gas, diesel fuel. The maximum ambient temperature is +650 0 C. All products are certified and approved for use in Russia.

You can ask questions regarding the purchase of a particular modification, delivery to remote regions, by calling the numbers listed on the site. Here you can apply.

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