Urgent production of seals and stamps

Urgent production of seals and stamps

Printing is an important and necessary attribute for the correct execution of all documents, statements, references of any company. Only in this way can the organization prove the legality of the procedure. Our company manufactures stamp products on the equipment of leading, high-quality and modern materials. Exceptional quality, uncompromising guarantees and high demands are www.pechatu.ru. Our specialists guarantee exceptionally high qualification in this matter, and fast delivery of an already finished seal or stamp in Moscow is carried out within the first hour after acceptance and execution of the application. At the request of the client, self-delivery of finished goods is also possible. The location of our company is in a convenient location: just 30 meters from the metro.

The advantages of placing an order in our company

The scope of services provided in this segment is quite extensive. However, the main requirement of each client is the guaranteed quality of performance, product reliability, reasonable cost and prompt delivery. Among a wide variety of choices, only our company has several of the following advantages:

  • Simple application procedure in a few minutes;
  • Convenient location of the office;
  • Courier service of our company at a high level;
  • Own workshop;
  • Quality accessories;
  • Ability to order exclusive material;
  • Making a seal for an LLC and an individual entrepreneur, no need to provide documents, everything is done without further questions;
  • Making a doctor’s stamp will only require a diploma of education;
  • Flexible payment;
  • Large assortment of accessories and consumables (plastic and metal);
  • Service Warranty.

Pricing policy and order features

The cost of services of our company is significantly lower not at the expense of quality, but by providing a large number of consumers with our products. For many years of impeccable work in the service sector, our highly skilled workers have acquired the necessary skills and abilities necessary to provide quality services. A wide range of services provided includes:

  • Production of stamps and seals;
  • Making a facsimile;
  • Ice cream and sealers for sealing wax or plastic;
  • Relief printing;
  • Gift stamps;
  • Printing with protection;
  • Numbering;
  • Color printing;
  • Ex libris;
  • Triangular, round print.

Systematic monitoring in this industry allows us to provide our customers with only the best products and highly specialized services. The whole complex of procedures is negotiated and clarified with each client, and the understanding of all the responsibility entrusted to us is guaranteed to make our company leaders in the manufacture of seals and stamps.

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