Equipment for shielding from electromagnetic fields

Equipment for shielding from electromagnetic fields

The most common materials for shielding are metal meshes, sheets and paints. For shielding window openings and door blocks, in order to protect them from the effects of harmful radiation, use conductive materials: nets, curtains and films.

In a special way make the shielding of equipment, instruments. For these purposes, use paint with special properties, which impose on the inner surface of the equipment. Subsequently, such equipment is grounded. Another way is to use covers of their metallized fabric.

In order to minimize the effects of electromagnetic or radiation on workers in special professions, as well as to protect equipment, equipment is used for shielding from electromagnetic fields.

Shielding fabrics

The main task of such fabrics is to create a barrier to electromagnetic waves of a different frequency range.

The fabric is selected on the basis of the type of room, place or equipment that must be protected from exposure to harmful factors. Shielding can be carried out by tulle, mesh, thick cloth.

Our company sells synthetic and natural shielding fabrics from manufacturers in Germany and Switzerland.

Tulle Fabric

The shielding of the room with the help of special tulle provides complete protection of the space from various kinds of radiation. You can place such fabric on the windows in offices and other premises, just in apartments, and also in the form of a canopy over the bed. A material of this quality is able to suppress radiation within up to 38 dB

Shielding fabric of dense texture

This type of fabric has a high metal content in the composition of the fibers. This material was widely used in the production of special clothes, capes and covers. It has the ability to attenuate radiation up to 100 dB.


The specificity of this type of fabric is that it is made in the form of a canvas with large cells and has a hard surface. This is because the fabric includes polyester, steel or polyamide. Such shielding is installed at the stage of repair work in the wall ceiling and floor coverings of the premises.

The capabilities of our company allow us to produce screened clothing from any type of special fabric for individual orders.

Screening films

To protect the premises from streams emitted by satellite communications antennas, windows and doors of the premises are placed on a screening film that can block such radiation. Installation of the film is glued (material is made on the basis of glue). The color expression of the films is represented by silver, gray and copper scales.

The only limitation for installing this kind of shielding is to heat the surface to be protected.

The delivery of the film is carried out in rolls. Managers of our company are ready to give advice on all issues of interest.

Paint shielding

The paint, which has properties to protect surfaces and rooms from the effects of harmful radiation, is a modern innovative invention. Components that make up the material: water, graphite and latex elements.

Paints have the following qualities

  • frost resistance;
  • water resistant;
  • high environmental friendliness;
  • attenuation coefficient from 35 to 46 dB.

The paint applied to the surface, after complete drying, becomes dark gray or black. This screening material can be used in all types of premises from industrial workshops to children's rooms in residential buildings.

Grounding Shielding Paint

This type of shielding material requires grounding, for which adhesive tape is applied on a metallized base, laid under a layer of paint.

We sell all types of shielding materials, including shielding paints, which are most cost-effective. Paints are supplied in containers from 1 to 20 liters.

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