Maintenance of bridge type cranes

Maintenance of bridge type cranes

As you know, any complex bridge lifting equipment must be serviced at the end of time. A thorough check can prevent not just the wear of some parts, but the whole technique, as well as ensure a safe production or industrial process, because it is about people's lives. The most ardent representative of bridge equipment is a one-girder, two-girder support crane and a single-span, two-span suspended crane, that is, such a separate category as a girder crane can be included here.

Of course, the maintenance should be carried out by competent individuals who can detect even small deviations from the norm and prevent them. In addition, professional inspection should be regular. If the diagnosis is made in a timely manner - in a timely manner, then the owner of the equipment will be able to save unnecessary costs for expensive repairs.

It is worth noting the fact that warranty maintenance should fall on the shoulders of the manufacturer (this nuance is indicated in the contract). After-sale crane is exclusively the property of the customer, but when concluding a sale and purchase agreement, the designation of diagnostics with specialized organizations is provided. In general, it is possible to distinguish monthly (regular), planned (up to 100 and after 300 hours) and regular (seasonal) checks. Inspection of lifting equipment is carried out by a team of qualified professionals.

Maintenance can be classified as a preventive measure, since the malfunctions identified during inspections are immediately eliminated, and parts that have expired or parts that have lost their life are replaced with new ones. All failures can break or damage significant devices and components of the mechanism. Therefore, we are talking about the proper maintenance and uninterrupted workflow.

More specifically, what exactly fits the list of checked crane beam particles on a monthly basis, we can note the inspection of crane tracks, the control system, and the state of the movement, lifting mechanisms and current-carrying cables. If we talk about scheduled maintenance for well-developed hours, here we are inspecting gearboxes, electric motors, fasteners for the traveling wheels and check the condition of the blocks.

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