Ufologists call Betty and Barney Hill the first couple abducted by an alien ship

Ufologists call Betty and Barney Hill the first couple abducted by an alien ship

Betty and Barney Hill became the first couple in American history, whose honeymoon broke through the fault of little green men in a flying saucer. At first, the couple did not want to talk about what happened to the whole world, so the couple shared details only with those closest to them. But one reporter from the Boston Traveler learned about the story and published an article that described the first officially reported case of alien abduction.

Ufologists call Betty and Barney Hill the first couple abducted by an alien ship

Betty and Barney Hill

What happened?

A couple from New Hampshire after a long postponement of the honeymoon decided to go by car to Montreal and Niagara Falls in the autumn of 1961. On the night of September 19 (around 10:30 p.m.) Barney noticed a strange bright spot that moved across the sky south of Lancaster. He woke his wife, sleeping in a nearby seat, and pointed to an object that began to show a chaotic movement.

Betty pointed to a series of flashing lights very close, and Barney suggested that they see the satellite or commercial aircraft crashing. They continued to ride on, glancing at the strange lights that now seemed to follow them.

Not far from North Woodstock, the object began to behave strangely: tossing between the trees and the road. It got to the point that near Indian Head a strange object loomed over the road in front of the car and the couple managed to see a huge disk floating in the air.

Ufologists call Betty and Barney Hill the first couple abducted by an alien ship

A sign tells us the place of the incident.

Barney stopped and got out of the car (there were no films back then that would indicate that it was a bad idea) to get a better look. An unknown ship sank to the ground, and a dozen strange bright figures, which he later called “not people”, fell out of it. Barney was numb with fear (he would later tell that he had heard the strange speech of the aliens), but he came to himself when he heard the cry of his wife. He jumped into the car and sharply pressed the gas pedal.

Ufologists call Betty and Barney Hill the first couple abducted by an alien ship

Artistic interpretation of Barney Hill's testimony

The couple decided to turn around and rode all the way to the house without stopping. All this time, they periodically noticed strange lights and heard the buzz outside the windows. They did not speak until they were safe.


The story does not end there. Betty, for some strange reason, told her husband not to take the suitcases out of the trunk. It also turned out that their watches stopped working. Betty was worried and told everything to her sister, who advised her to contact a police officer she knew. Later, he personally noticed large scratches on the trunk of the car.

The policeman ferried them to Major Paul Henderson from the local Air Force base to investigate the incident. One of the consultants in the study group suggested that the couple were scared by something. Perhaps the couple were so nervous that they invented all these lights in order to block the real memories.

Ufologists call Betty and Barney Hill the first couple abducted by an alien ship

Sketch of the spacecraft and aliens from Barney Hill

But a detailed analysis of the spouses' story showed something particularly strange. It turns out that there was a discrepancy in the amount of time they spent on returning home. The whole 2 hours has disappeared somewhere! The fantasy about aliens slowly began to gain ground, and Betty and Barney seemed increasingly real.

But that's not all. When the couple returned home after testifying, they found on the table a stack of faded leaves on which Betty's blue earrings lay. In her diaries, she wrote what she wore on the night of the incident. After that, Betty Hill began to have strange dreams, which she also documented in her diary. They all seemed to be memories of being aboard an alien ship.

In the end, we decided to seek help from Dr. Benjamin Simon. It was a series of hypnosis that helped reveal most of the information that concerned a 2-hour period. The spouses' stories matched, but the doctor decided that Barney’s description of his wife’s dreams greatly influenced the testimony.

Sketch of a star map from Betty Hill

But one of Betty’s testimony was not mentioned in her husband’s story. She claimed that the alien leader gave her information, describing in detail the series of interplanetary trade routes and space missions, which she showed in the form of a graph. She even sketched a scheme on paper and agreed to the publication.


Ufologists are tight on the story and still see Hill’s as a living proof of a kidnapping case. The reporter who wrote the first article later managed to find other eyewitnesses who saw bright lights in the area in question on the same night.

But this incident has no scientific evidence and factual materials other than the sketch of a star map from Betty. The fact is that one of the astronomers studied this map and considered that it depicts the star system Zeta Grid. But scientific popularizer Carl Sagan has refuted this claim, pointing out a simple coincidence.

Some have suggested that the couple simply made up this story to protect themselves. Betty and Barney Hill are an example of interracial marriage, which in those days was still not considered something ordinary and “normal”.

Many years later, this story attracted the attention of Hollywood and possible scenarios for the adaptation of the story of the first abduction are already being discussed. But they just don’t know what exactly they want to show: the first contact with aliens or the paranoia caused by the cold war period.

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