New Universe Measurement Technologies

New Universe Measurement Technologies

A group of scientists working on the BOSS program has discovered a new and more accurate way to measure the universe.

Our universe is so huge that measuring the distance between its various objects is extremely difficult. However, science and technology do not stand still. Thanks to scientists, the accuracy of measuring distances between space objects is constantly increasing.

The latest scientific achievements in this field are the research of a group of scientists working on the BOSS program. The researchers, using the latest techniques and developments, have learned, with an accuracy of one percent, to determine the distance between various galaxies as well as other huge space objects.

For this purpose, scientists have applied acoustic oscillations of the waves. These “frozen” traces of waves appeared as a result of the pressure of baryonic matter, which moved throughout the Universe from the time of its appearance. It is known that baryon acoustic oscillations are always the same size, which corresponds to half a year. Therefore, they can be easily used to determine the exact distance between space objects.

Previously, to measure large distances, there was a huge problem, which is associated with a constant increase in the Universe. The fact is that this expansion erases the traces of baryonic matter waves. Today, scientists have coped with this task, as information has appeared on the redshift, which arises as a result of the expansion of the Universe. Thanks to this discovery, scientists were able to make more accurate calculations.

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