One of the new batteries on the ISS refuses to work

One of the new batteries on the ISS refuses to work

NASA reported that one of the batteries installed on the International Space Station a few days ago refuses to work. What is the problem?

Work overboard

On March 22, 2019, astronauts Anne McClain and Tyler Haig completed the planned space walk. Their task was to install adapter panels on the electrical panel and further connect three new batteries (the outdated nickel-hydrogen models were replaced by new lithium-ion ones).

However, the replacement operation, which lasted 6 hours and 39 minutes, was not as easy as planned. Problems arose at the time of installation of one of the new batteries. The whole thing in the screw, which is stuck in the panel and did not yield. Astronauts had to tinker and use force to remove the panel.

After that, the astronauts managed to clear the excess debris and remove to the camera the bag in which the devices for urgent repairs were stored, and the thermal flap of the lock. The command considered that the mission was successful. Is it so?

Another problem

After installing the new batteries, ground engineers checked the power supply channel and confirmed that all three batteries are functioning normally. However, at the weekend they realized that one of the batteries does not respond to recharging.

NASA representatives and crew members understand the situation and try to find the cause of the problem. Accumulators are used as energy storage devices that guarantee the operation of an orbital station when sunlight does not reach it.

NASA says that the problem does not affect the work of the station or crew. There are no threats to the lives of astronauts either.


If the problem cannot be solved remotely in the coming days, then astronauts Christina Cook and Haig can do it when going to outer space on March 29, or McClain and David Saint-Jacques, whose space walk is scheduled for April 8, can assign this task.

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