SpaceX will deliver festive ice-cream to the ISS

SpaceX will deliver festive ice-cream to the ISS

On Monday, the SpaceX capsule went to the International Space Station to deliver a payload, materials for experiments and real ice cream.

Baggage weighs 6,400 feet and should arrive on Wednesday. On board there are 20 mice that will return to Earth in a month.

But this time they also installed a special freezer, where they put several compartments with vanilla and chocolate ice cream. It’s all about the birthday of astronaut Peggy Whitson, who will turn 50 next month.

It was the 14th successful landing of the rocket and the 6th landing on the territory of the Kennedy Center. Mice are part of an experiment with solving visual problems. Researchers will study how space affects the movement of fluids in the brain. In addition, it is important to understand why men face this problem. Dragon has special devices for determining the number of cosmic rays around the station. Also on board will deliver protein crystals to analyze Parkinson's disease.

At the station there are now three Americans, an Italian and two Russians. Dragon is the only ship that can not only deliver, but also send cargo to Earth. Other devices burn at the entrance.

Also, SpaceX is developing a crew ship, which should debut next year. In November, they expect the completion of the Falcon Heavy project, equipped with three accelerators of the first stage and 27 engines.

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