Magical increase in height?

Magical increase in height?

The Japanese astronaut agitated the public with the statement that he grew 9 cm during his period in space. Norishigi Kanai wrote on Twitter: “Wow! We measured the bodies on the spot and it turned out that I had grown by 9 cm. I am afraid I can’t get into the Union capsule anymore. ”

Of course, his messages caused tens of thousands of reactions, among which people joked that they themselves would like to visit the ISS to cope with short stature. Kanaya's height is 1.80 m, which is already higher than the average Japanese (1.71 m).

It has been proven that crew members can stretch their spines in an environment without gravity. After arriving at the planet everything comes back to normal.

But do not rush to rejoice. Later, a Russian colleague measured his height and said that he had increased by only 2 cm. Kanai apologized for the “fake news”.

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