Successful delivery of cargo to the ISS

Successful delivery of cargo to the ISS

On August 16, the SpaceX ship arrived at the station after a 2-day voyage from Cape Canaveral.

On August 16, the SpaceX spacecraft delivered to the International Space Station, transporting the necessary materials for experimental work.

The capsule detached from Cape Canaveral and stayed in flight for 2 days. Astronaut Jack Fisher used a robotic arm to grab the Dragon at a distance of 400 km above the Pacific Ocean.

The ship was carrying 3 tons of cargo, among which was a mini-satellite, a space radiation monitor and 20 mice for experiments.

The crew of 6 people was also lucky that a festive ice cream arrived on board in honor of the 50th anniversary of one of them.

Fisher reports about his joy of cooperation with the Dragon ship and successful capture. He noted that in the next month the team should perform more than 250 experiments.

NASA is currently using SpaceX and orbital ATK. The next delivery is expected in November.

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