Scar on the surface of Mars

Scar on the surface of Mars

A large object, like a meteorite, crashed near the southern ice cap of the Red Planet, breaking the ice and leaving a trail.

An unknown object managed to collapse on Mars, break through the ice and leave behind a dark mark. As a result, a strange sign appeared before us: a dark inner area surrounded by a lighter territory. When the impact object collided with the surface, a thin ice layer broke through, throwing dark sand out from under it in all directions.

The researchers found only 120 impact craters on Earth, while on Mars there are more than 43,000 with a diameter of more than 5 km. Many of them are considered ancient (not erased as quickly as on Earth, because Mars does not have geological activity, like plate tectonics), but there are newcomers.

The tag was noticed with the help of the HiRISE camera aboard the MRO orbiter, which has been shooting the Red Planet since 2006.

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