Matthew Bevan is another hacker who has entered NASA. What did he learn

Matthew Bevan is another hacker who has entered NASA. What did he learn

We have already described cases when hackers and NASA employees tried to uncover secrets about UFOs, aliens, and extraterrestrial technologies (“What truth was told about a UFO by a physicist from a secret Zone 51” and “ What is the truth about a UFO learned by a hacker who hacked into NASA computers ”). Today's guest was another hacker who, at the age of 21, managed to crawl into the NASA computer network.

Back in 16 years, Briton Matthew Bevan realized that he was fascinated by computers and UFOs. He studied various programs and quickly learned how to hack systems. He was also interested in all the rumors about aliens and secret projects of the American government. Therefore, in 1992, he figured out how to get answers.

Using the nickname “Kuigi”, he penetrated the protected US government networks. Then in 1994, he hacked into the computers of NASA, the US Department of Defense, and penetrated the secret files of the Wright-Patterson database, where rumors were hiding one of the crashed alien plates.

Matthew Bevan is another hacker who has entered NASA. What did he learn

Bevan said that he was particularly surprised by the ease of breaking into the military base, which had worked the longest with secret government UFO projects and stored documents relating to the mysterious Site 51.

Hacker hoped that he would get away with it. But in 1996 he was arrested by the Scotland Yard police, after which he was accused of breaking into NASA computers and a military base. He was interrogated many times about how he hacked into computers and what files he managed to see or save. Bevan talked about everything and admitted that he did not keep anything, so as not to leave physical evidence. The court was held in 1997, but it was nevertheless acquitted, since the actions did not lead to serious problems. But the most interesting thing for the world was to find out exactly what the hacker found in the secret documents.

First of all, Bevan described a computer system hacking method and said that he could listen to any telephone conversation. It even seemed to him that the American government was dealing with this. Then he shared that even during the trial, he was called by unknown persons and threatened. He was required to say nothing, otherwise his wife and he himself would suffer. Bevan was scared, so for some time he lived in a special secret housing under a different name.

Matthew Bevan is another hacker who has entered NASA. What did he learn

Hacker also said that he was not the first to try to hack into the computers of a military base and learn about UFOs. In the hacker environment there were rumors about 40 people who attempted and simply disappeared. Therefore, everyone was warned about the risk and that it was necessary to hack computers very carefully, leaving no traces.

Most of the information he received from the Wright-Patterson military base. Bevan said that he had read many interesting reports about the Roswell incident, so this event was indeed investigated by the military. Then he found a description of some powerful engine that had references to the Roswell incident. Bevan thought it might be an alien technology.

Found a hacker and files on a strange anti-gravity installation. During the interrogation, he was asked about “Room 18,” and Bevan admitted that he had only seen a few files. In subsequent interviews, he hints that the investigators were particularly interested in this topic, because there are rumors that alien spaceships or parts of interest were stored in Room 18. Bevan was most surprised by the fact that he was asked questions about “Room 18”, about which there are so few rumors and information than about Site 51.

Matthew Bevan is another hacker who has entered NASA. What did he learn

Bevan is still convinced that UFOs and aliens exist. He personally saw the classified files and believes that he missed a lot of interesting information. He also points to the stories of people whose descriptions and experiences of extraterrestrial contact (abduction) converge even in detail. Bevan hints that in the hacker environment they often share interesting photos that do not appear in the press.

Bevan confirmed the veracity of the words of physicist Bob Lazar, who spoke about UFOs from Site 51. The hacker is sure that he really worked for space companies, which then simply erased the records of this. Lazar claimed that he was studying the fragments of a crashed alien ship. Bevan confirmed that he was able to see a few strange photos with bizarre propulsion systems, strange-shaped mechanisms, and even images of "creatures."

Matthew Bevan continues to live in Britain and tries not to visit American territory. He is not afraid of the official court, because his case was closed. But he is afraid of something else:

I am afraid that they will simply close my mouth. They will lock him up in a secret prison and leave him to rot without trial. These are slippery questions. There was such a hacker Kevin Minik. He did a little hack and was in prison for 2 years, although he wasn’t even charged! ”.

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