Incident in New Mexico - 1948. Witnesses described a collapsed unidentified object

Incident in New Mexico - 1948. Witnesses described a collapsed unidentified object

Ufologists believe that in 1948 one of the most important incidents occurred in the state of New Mexico - the wreck of an alien ship. If this is so, then the military managed to conceal not only the remnants of UFOs, but also a group of newcomers who died in the accident.

The story begins March 25, 1948 in the city of Aztec (state of New Mexico). A Los Alamos radar station tracked an unidentified object in the sky that landed in the Hart Canyon.

They say that the rescuers who arrived on the scene found a huge 30-meter plate, enveloped in flames. When they managed to extinguish the fire, the participants looked into the broken hatch and saw several burnt extraterrestrial beings.

Soon the military arrived at the site and quickly sealed the area. The servicemen warned the rescuers and the two policemen who arrived that the issue concerned national security, therefore this event should be classified. They were ordered not to talk about what they saw. Later there were even rumors that the witnesses were threatened.

Incident in New Mexico - 1948. Witnesses described a collapsed unidentified object

Scott and Susan Ramsey are standing near a plaque erected to mark the UFO incident in the Hart Canyon near Aztec.

Frank Sally became interested in this story, who in 1950 published the book “For the flying saucers”. He claimed that the military took the crashed alien ship with aliens to the Los Alamos laboratory to conduct research and experiments on extraterrestrial guests. He later said that the ship could have been diverted to Wright-Patterson Air Base, where the wreckage from the Roswell incident had disappeared. Collecting the testimony of witnesses, Sally wrote that there were about 16 newcomers and most likely they all died as a result of the accident. They were described as humanoids with a height of 91-110 cm and weighing up to 18 kg.

The military refused to give comments and did not provide any versions of what happened. In the early 1950s. Silas Newton and Leo Gebower appeared in the Aztec. They tried to sell the locals unusual devices that supposedly must find oil, gas and gold. The men claimed that they were made on the basis of the technology of wrecked aliens.

But the analysis of the devices showed that they are usually made of aluminum, and the men deceive everyone. Among their victims was even the millionaire Hermann Flander, who demanded compensation. Men were convicted of fraud in 1953.

Incident in New Mexico - 1948. Witnesses described a collapsed unidentified object

On March 27, Scott Ramsey told where a flying saucer related to the Hart (Aztec) incident in 1948 could have crashed.

This incident made many people think that the very history of the collapse of the spacecraft and the death of the newcomers is another fiction or local legend. But Sally assured in her book that the event really happened. Many ufology believe that the alien ship was shot down by the military, and then quickly cleared the place of evidence, including the abduction of the dead bodies of aliens.

Sally referred to one of the witnesses, whose name he did not name, so as not to bring him a threat from the military. The source said that researchers at the military base Wright-Patterson restored UFOs and studied alien technology. They found out that the ship hull was one big thing with no trace of welds or other type of joint (bolts, rivets, etc.). In addition, the navigation could be magnetic because the ship's design included metal rings rotating around the central hull. Scott and Susan Ramsey, who published the book in 2012, are also interested in this case. Scott said that many people were happy to provide information about the 1948 event. The couple returned to Hart Canyon in 2012 and installed a plaque to the place where the UFOs are supposed to have landed.

Scott Ramsey also added that the material for the book had been collected for more than 26 years. During this time, it was possible to get acquainted with a huge number of documents, including sources from the CIA and the FBI, as well as interview a lot of witnesses. But this is not the end. The couple plans to continue the investigation to prove the reality of the UFO crash in 1948.

Skeptics continue to believe this story to be fiction, and Sally and a couple of Ramsey are called cheaters who have become popular due to speculation on the topic of aliens. Perhaps this is something, because the story of a UFO has allowed the city to become an attractive destination for tourists. However, in 2011, the FBI documents were opened, which mentioned a certain incident in New Mexico in 1948. It was reported about the fire and accident of some flying device, but not a word was written about the aliens.

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