What is the truth about unidentified objects learned by a hacker who hacked into NASA computers

What is the truth about unidentified objects learned by a hacker who hacked into NASA computers

Scottish hacker Gary McKinnon became famous for hacking US military computers and getting into NASA. Of course, now America demands retribution in the form of a court and a prison sentence. In his defense, McKinnon says that he just wanted to know the truth about the aliens that the government is hiding. And he claims to know something!

McKinnon was inspired by the work of the American ufologist Stephen Greer, who collected strong evidence that the government was hiding UFO data. Gary wanted to find evidence, so he hacked into computers.

At first, he was interested in the Johnson Space Center, because Greer said that pictures were falsified here, removing all of the alien images from them. McKinnon penetrated the system and found a lot of strange frames with unusual artificial structures and bright lights in the sky. Among them was a high-definition photograph showing a giant cigar-shaped object flying in the sky. He said that the file weighed too much and he could not save it. He managed to copy one of the images, but during the trial his computer was confiscated.

What is the truth about unidentified objects learned by a hacker who hacked into NASA computers

But that's not all. The American representatives had been negotiating with Gary for a long time, because he also hacked into military intelligence computers. He claimed that he had found a journal that listed the names of non-terrestrial officers. These were not necessarily aliens, but there was a suspicion about the existence of the American military space fleet.

Here it is worth remembering several important stories in favor of the theory of hacker. Former senator and retired Air Force Major-General Barry Goldwater suspected that the UFOs were silent about the subject in the government. From his friends, he often heard about the existence of a secret room at Wright-Patterson Air Base, where evidence was stored. When he asked his friend, General Curtis Lemey, about this, he seriously replied:

You not only can not enter, but do not even think of talking about it with me again”.

A letter from former CIA director Roscoe Hillenkotter to Congress also seems interesting. He wrote:

Behind the scenes, senior Air Force officials are seriously worried about the UFO theme. But thanks to heightened secrecy and a joking tone among the public, many citizens believe that unidentified flying objects are just nonsense. ”

Initially, Hillenkotter fought against the secrecy of UFOs, but later stopped commenting. Mackinnon assured that Hillenkotter was part of the first group of military officers involved in the study of UFOs.

What about the military space fleet? Gary McKinnon found not only lists, but also the names of two military spacecraft. He suggested that the military discovered a limitless source of energy that is hidden from the whole world. On top of that, McKinnnon claimed to have seen photos of real aliens. And he assures that you will never see anything like this, because all the photos are thoroughly cleaned.

For 10 years, the American government struggled to bring McKinnon to the US for trial. However, after numerous appeals, he managed to stay in Britain. As punishment, he is under house arrest. The most important thing is that it is forbidden to go online. A computer with a downloaded photo of a spacecraft was never returned to him.

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