SpaceX made the fifth attempt to land a Falcon-9 missile

SpaceX made the fifth attempt to land a Falcon-9 missile

SpaceX's Elon Mask company beat strong winds and worked despite a lot of technical problems. As a result, the company launched the Falcon-9 rocket into space on Friday to place communications satellites in orbit.

After four delays, Falcon-9 (translated as “Falcon”), carrying the satellite for SES-9 communications, started from the air force station at Cape Canaveral in Florida at 18:35. ET.

Two and a half minutes later, the first stage of the rocket separated and returned to the platform floating in the Atlantic Ocean.

Musk said that, as expected, the first stage of the Falcon 9, which went into space with the carrier on Friday, made a hard landing on an ocean platform located off the coast of Florida. "The next flight will have a good chance to express themselves better," Musk tweeted. Before SpaceX was launched, the scientists downplayed the chance that evaluated the successful return of the stage based on high speed and additional fuel, so they demanded that the 6-ton SES-9 satellite be sent to its intended orbit as high as possible above sea level.

SpaceX successfully landed the first stage of the Falcon-9 rocket on the landing site at Cape Canaveral in December. The rocket, sent on Friday, was going to make another attempt to return the first stage to Earth, but instead it was sent to the ocean.

Three previous attempts to land in the ocean failed.

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