New way to form double black holes

New way to form double black holes

Three astronomers from Amsterdam and Leiden universities created a new method of forming two black holes that rotate and then merge.

In early June 2017, scientists again heard that two merging black holes reproduced gravitational waves. But there is still no exact version of how such systems are formed. One of the assumptions is that black holes are separated from the very beginning, and then slowly approach each other and enter into one rhythm of rotation. There is also an opinion that everything begins with two massive stars, which after the explosion become a pair of black holes.

The model of Dutch scientists proves that the second hypothesis has more chances.

More often than expected

If the calculations are correct, then double black holes with a mass of 15-30 more solar are more common. For example, in our galaxy, such systems must appear once every 100,000 years. This is 10 times more likely than expected.

Small green car

This is the name of the computer on which the simulations were performed. It turns out that the more massive of two stars collapses into a black hole, and the second continues to exist for a long time, until it also transforms into a black hole. The first during this time selects the material and pulls out most of the second. Because of this, their orbit shrinks and they merge.

Previously it was believed that binary systems first merge into one large star, and only then transform into a black hole. New data shows a different picture.

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