SpaceX seeks to return more Falcon 9 rockets

SpaceX seeks to return more Falcon 9 rockets

The Falcon 9 rocket, launched March 30, 2017 from the Kennedy Space Center.

Ilon Musk (CEO and Founder) is going to advance in missile reuse technology. This was facilitated by the successful launch of the first stage, revised from the previous flight.

Max wrote on Twitter on Friday that he was going to return the second stage of the new Falcon 9 Heavy, which starts for the first time at the end of the summer.

SpaceX spent 15 years to improve the technology of operation of accelerators, which help to return the stages to the ground and platforms on the water. Their task is to create reusable rockets so that they could be equated to airplanes, cars and even bicycles by ease of reuse. Reuse stages significantly reduce the price of space flight. The Falcon 9 Heavy has the first stage, represented by the three cores of the Falcon 9. It is estimated that it will take the place of “the most advanced rocket in the world.”

“We are thinking about the possibility of returning the top stage of Falcon 9 Heavy in a test flight,” wrote Musk. “We don’t count on luck, but it’s worth a try.”

He later added that the Falcon Heavy trial was scheduled for late summer.

Reusable use allows you to achieve 30% savings, and this is the cost of 60 million dollars. If the second stage also ends successfully, then these numbers will increase, making space research much cheaper.

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