8 facts about the secret American project to study the UFO "Blue Book"

8 facts about the secret American project to study the UFO

In the 1952-1969s. Representatives of the United States Air Force organized a secret project “The Blue Book,” which was supposed to seriously consider all incoming signals and reports of unexplained phenomena in the sky, bright lights and other hints of contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. Although many cases turned out to be natural phenomena, there were some rather strange events that cannot be explained so far. Consider 8 facts about this project.

  1. Another Secret Project

The “Blue Book” is not the first such American UFO project. Back in 1947, pilot Kenneth Arnold noticed 9 strange objects in the sky. Society literally obsessed with stories about flying saucers. Therefore, in the United States were forced to launch a secret project SIGN. In 1948, a report was even released stating that aliens could be responsible for strange phenomena. He said that the report was destroyed, and in the late 1940s. there was a new project GRUDGE. A few years later, the Blue Book will appear.

  1. Destroyed documents

In the 1960s Air Force representatives assured in every way that there was never any document on the SIGN project. However, it was rumored that in the destroyed report special attention was paid to the case of observing a UFO in Alabama in 1948, when two experienced pilots noticed a bright object that flew past them at great speed. They tried to write everything off as a meteor, but found no traces of the fall.

  1. Standard form

In the Blue Book project, a special questionnaire was used, which was distributed to all eyewitnesses of UFOs. For example, in the description they asked to draw the object's shape, tell about its speed, behavior, direction of flight, presence of sounds, pulsation, blinking, etc. As a result, at each US Air Force base there was a special officer who was responsible for collecting and analyzing reports.

8 facts about the secret American project to study the UFO
  1. Not everyone was able to explain

At the time the project was closed, about 12,618 UFO reports accumulated in the archives. Many turned out to be simple natural phenomena. However, 701 cases could not be rationally explained so far. Most of the messages were in 1952 (1501 cases).

  1. Confusion in order to

Each new commander of the “Blue Book” project arranged the main goal for his own vision. For example, the most impartial name is Captain Edward J. Ruppelt. He approached each report responsibly and tried to collect the maximum amount of information. But Major Hector Quintanilla (he became head in 1963), on the contrary, tried to do everything possible to reduce the interest of the public in UFOs. But this only increased the suspicion of the population and gave rise to rumors that the government was trying to hide the facts.

  1. Scientific error

In 1965, Oklahoma police, Tinker Air Force Base and a local meteorologist independently recorded four UFOs. Major Hector Quintanilla ordered the project reports to state that the witnesses were simply watching the planet Jupiter. But the fact is that at that time the giant planet could not be seen at all in the sky. Astronomers intervened in the dispute, and it even came to a hearing in Congress.

  1. Only one scientist

Surprisingly, there was only one scientist on the staff of the Blue Book project - Joseph Allen. In 1968, he wrote:

Alas, but the project staff is completely devoid of adequacy. There is no hint of dialogue between them and the outside scientific world ... And the statistical methods used by the project are more like a parody of real science. ”

Major scientist Hector Quintanilla was particularly annoyed by the scientist. He wrote:

“The major's method is as simple as possible: ignore the facts until you prove that there are no aliens”.

  1. New project

In 2007-2012. The US government spent $ 22 million on a new UFO survey. The project was called “An Advanced Aerospace Threat Detection Program.” This study seems to be more accessible to the public (when compared with previous programs), since in January 2019 more than 30 cases of strange events were given access to the description.


The Blue Book project was closed in December 1969. Despite hundreds of unexplained events, the authorities considered that there could be no alien intervention. Today, the project can also be seen through the new series “The Blue Book Project”.

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