What is the truth about unidentified objects revealed by a physicist from the secret Zone 51

What is the truth about unidentified objects revealed by a physicist from the secret Zone 51

Earlier, we described the story of hacker Gary McKinnon (“What was the truth about a UFO learned by a hacker who hacked into NASA computers?”), who tried to prove that he had seen photos of alien ships and aliens. His computer was seized, so I could not prove anything. But his words seem to be more significant, if we turn to the history of Robert Lazar, who worked in the mysterious Zone 51.

If you are at least a little interested in UFOs, aliens and ufology, then one of the strings should have brought you to Zone 51 sooner or later. This is an American military base in Nevada, testing various aircraft. Well, this is the official version. But conspiracy theorists suspect that it is here that UFOs are being studied, experiments on aliens are being conducted, and secret military technologies are being developed.

What is the truth about unidentified objects revealed by a physicist from the secret Zone 51

This is supported by the increased secrecy of the base, over which flights, air traffic and shooting are prohibited. It is also embarrassing that the American government itself very reluctantly admitted the existence of Site 51.

Rumors of suspicious activity and secret experiments arose long ago. But the real boom happened in 1989, when Robert Lazar gave the first interview under a pseudonym, telling the world what was actually happening in Zone 51. Robert Lazar was not a hacker, like McKinnon, but he worked as a physicist in Zone 51 and saw with his own eyes all the strange things that the British hacker mentioned. He confirmed the reality of the Roswell incident. Recall that in 1947 an alleged UFO crash occurred near the city of Roswell.

Lazar said that he not only personally saw the fragments of an alien spacecraft, but studied them and worked on the restoration of the structure. The main goal of the mission is to find a way to create an anti-gravity propulsion system.

What is the truth about unidentified objects revealed by a physicist from the secret Zone 51

Entrance to the military base of Zone 51

In addition, the physicist claimed that he had worked in the S4 area, located just south of Site 51. There he saw a spacecraft that “has been ahead of earth technology for hundreds of years”. He also said that Element 115, which is needed to create an anti-gravity propulsion system, exists only in binary star systems. If you get it, you can move faster than light. This is how aliens move. Lazar said that the researchers at Site 51 know this perfectly.

In an interview, Lazar also said that he did not see the newcomers personally (either alive or on the operating table). However, he was provided with documents describing the historical connection of aliens with the Earth over the past 10,000 years. By the way, it was indicated there that these creatures are visiting us from the Zeta Grid double star system (McKinnon also spoke about this). The story of Lazar attracted the attention of the press, so journalists tried to find evidence that the physicist really worked in Zone 51. However, the military base refused to cooperate and provide information.

Lazar said that all documents about his stay in Zone 51 have long been erased. He also insisted that the US government threatened him and refused to provide employment in any scientific institution. Interestingly, journalists still managed to find several scientists who also worked at the Los Amos National Laboratory and confirmed that Robert Lazar was among the staff working on Site 51 projects.

Ufologists believe the words of Lazar and try to find more evidence in his favor. But there are those who believe that the physicist talks about aliens specifically to draw attention from other secret American projects, such as the space fleet and rockets.

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