Could Churchill and Eisenhower hide data on unidentified objects

Could Churchill and Eisenhower hide data on unidentified objects

Back in the times of World War II, it was rumored that metal objects were observed in British airspace, resembling disks or classic flying saucers. Now from the past received an accusation against Winston Churchill, who allegedly tried to hide the fact of the presence of a UFO. Is it so?

It was rumored that the crew of an Air Force bomber returning from a mission to England saw a UFO. However, Churchill gave a clear order:

This event should be immediately classified, otherwise it will cause a mass panic among the soldiers, the population and will undermine faith in the church”.

Could Churchill and Eisenhower hide data on unidentified objects

Winston Churchill ordered to classify all information about UFOs, although he did not fully understand what the pilots saw

By the way, the rumor gradually transformed into an open accusation. The appeal was received by the Ministry of Defense from the relatives of a high-ranking military assistant. This man claimed and allegedly told his family that he had seen Churchill discuss the UFO incident with General Dwight Eisenhower. They also touched on the theme of bright lights that the pilots saw (“Hitler’s tricks or UFOs: what agitated the military pilots in 1944”). During the Second World War, there were hundreds of reports from soldiers who saw lights, strange fog, unusual missiles and flashes. Many events will only be attributed to the unstable mental state of soldiers in a stressful situation.

Could Churchill and Eisenhower hide data on unidentified objects

However, ufologists are confident that this is just an excuse, and the British government has documented all cases of UFO sightings. Now the archives contain about 11,000 UFO documents registered by the British government during the 1900-2000s. They hide information about all cases of observation of flying saucers and official reports.

It is known that the accusation against Churchill and the Ministry of Defense was received in 1999 from the grandson of a military assistant. He stated that the grandfather described the UFO in the form of a metal object, which suddenly disappeared from the observations, leaving no traces. He added:

This event was discussed by Churchill and Eisenhower. Both could not understand what the soldiers actually saw, so there were problems with compiling a truthful report. Eisenhower said it might be a UFO. Then Churchill gave the order to classify the information for at least 50 years, and then the status of the documents will be considered by the future Prime Minister ”.

Could Churchill and Eisenhower hide data on unidentified objects

A rocket could be part of an alien invasion plan

Documents show that this decision was not recorded officially, so the “grandson” cannot prove anything. But in July 1952, Churchill wrote to the Ministry of Aviation:

What do all these UFO messages mean? What is the truth? ”.

Ufologists are waiting for the documents about UFOs to be declassified and presented to the public. And in the Ministry of Defense continue to say that "there is no evidence to support the existence of unexplained phenomena."

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