Ufologists call the state of Ohio the center of observation of unidentified objects. Video

Ufologists call the state of Ohio the center of observation of unidentified objects. Video

Aliens and UFOs can only be a figment of our imagination. However, from time to time strange objects appear in the sky, the nature of which cannot be explained. And in this regard, Northeast Ohio is considered among ufologists hot spot of observation.

In a specific case, Dale Harder takes the floor - one of the participants in the world's oldest UFO research organization in Cleveland and the creator of the Cleveland Ufology project. He confirmed a large number of observations of unidentified objects.

UFOs over Cleveland, Ohio (August 4, 2018)

Harder says:

In fact, the statistics on fixing UFO cases from the MUFON organization put Ohio in the top five”.

Harder says that he himself has observed a UFO many times. But he admits that with the development of technology, the number of fake observations and edited videos is increasing.

UFO over Cleveland? The camera captures the mysterious flying object

He tells:

I believe that the hot spot on UFO sightings can be called Cleveland. Everyone has smartphones with them, so you can find a lot of evidence. But there are also frank falsifications, so we always try to verify the facts ”.

A particularly large number of cases of the appearance of unidentified objects are noted above Lake Erie. And this happens over a long period of time. Many amateur videos show how bright spheres fly over water.

The same case, but already approximate and slowed down - the object is seen much better

Ufolog Sam Phillips in 2008 captured an inexplicable source of light over the Key Tower during a protest. It seemed that a bright object hovered over the building for several minutes. UFO saw a lot of witnesses that day.

Phillips says:

Some thought it was a kite or balloon. But I saw this glowing sphere literally coming out of the lake. I have never seen something like ”.

In August 2018, Leon Ellis recorded three lights flying over his home in Cleveland. He wrote:

I cannot explain what I saw tonight. I tried to find an explanation, preferably something logical. Perhaps it was drones or some kind of flash. But they moved in order, seemed orange and did not make sounds. ”

A study from Ipsos Marketins showed that 56% of Americans believe in UFOs. Therefore, the topic of unidentified objects still causes a stir and the number of observations is growing.

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