Hitler's tricks or unidentified objects: what agitated military pilots in 1944

Hitler's tricks or unidentified objects: what agitated military pilots in 1944

The Second World War was drawing to a close. However, the pilots of the 415th Squadron suddenly encountered strange objects in the sky, the nature of which is still in dispute.

The first strange lights noticed Lieutenant Fred Ringwald. He flew as an observer on a night fighter along with pilot Ed Schlüter and Donald J. Myers, who was watching the radar.

It was the late November evening of 1944. Partly cloudy over the Rhine Gorge north of Strasbourg. Ringwald broke the silence: “I wonder what kind of lights in the hills?” Team members noticed 8-10 bright orange lights. Suddenly, one of them appeared next to the right wing of the aircraft.

At first they thought that it was a German air weapon, but the radar did not fix anything. The lights suddenly disappeared. At first, the soldiers did not spread about the incident, fearing that they would be mocked. However, they did not know that other pilots had seen the same thing.

Hitler's tricks or unidentified objects: what agitated military pilots in 1944

Aircraft of the 415th Squadron, whose crew in 1944 saw strange lights in the sky

New observations

On December 17, 1944, a pilot noticed “5-6 flashing red and green T-shaped lights” near Breizakh am Rheine (Germany). The lights followed him for a while, after which they also suddenly disappeared.

December 22, the situation repeated with two flight crews. A team near the French city of Agno reported on two orange lights that rose from the ground and chased the fighter for two minutes. And then Lieutenant Samuel Krasny noticed a large red cigar-shaped object flying just a few meters from his plane. The pilot took several maneuvers, but the device still flew nearby, until it disappeared.

Hitler's tricks or unidentified objects: what agitated military pilots in 1944

The illustration shows the event of December 22, 1944, when two orange objects chased the plane.

Combat fatigue?

When representatives of the press found out about these events, they tried to explain them by natural phenomena. It could be flashes, meteo-probes, or just the lights of Saint Elmo (discharges). But the pilots rejected such explanations, as they said that they were able to recognize such objects.

Then there was a suspicion that the pilots simply suffered from “combat fatigue”. It seems like a polite hint of military stress. But how to prove that all pilots immediately suffered a collective psychosis? Moreover, they underwent regular checks and coped well with combat missions.

In addition, none of them claimed UFOs. They were rational and just described the observations. For example, the son of Lieutenant Krasney told me that his father suspected the Germans. He believed that the lights were a secret development during the war.

Hitler's tricks or unidentified objects: what agitated military pilots in 1944

It is believed that in this picture we managed to capture the mysterious fire seen by a German pilot in May 1945 near Carinthia

The tricks of the Nazi astrophysicists?

In fact, bringing Nazi Germany to justice does not seem so far-fetched. There were many rumors about powerful rockets and mysterious technologies that were tested, but did not have time to use during hostilities.

The greatest questions are the activities of Werner von Braun. Yes, he remembered the story as the father of the American space program. However, if we dig deeper, we will see it among the Nazi developers. And he was not an ordinary employee, but a key figure in creating the first V-2 ballistic missile (“Nazis in the service of NASA: the secret operation“ Clip ”). Such a rocket was a novelty, in which the pilots of the allies could not understand. Perhaps it was this technology that presented them as mysterious lights? But Nick Veronico (wrote books on the history of military aviation) disagrees. The V-2 did not have maneuverability, so it could not change the acceleration scheme and direction with the aircraft.

Moreover, Veronico says that none of the technological innovations of Nazi Germany fit the description provided by the pilots. Mysterious lights followed so close to the fighters that they seemed magnetized. But at that time there was not a single motor or metallurgical opportunity to do something similar.

Hitler's tricks or unidentified objects: what agitated military pilots in 1944

German rocket scientist Werner von Braun, who was brought to the United States to work for the US government in 1946

About Brown's career, you can learn in detail in the above article about the Nazi scientists. What were these lights? Perhaps the German scientists did test the new technology, but did not launch it into production because of the end of the war. Or in the USSR they do not agree on something and the documents will once pop up?

Ufologists see another hint at the newcomers in the lights. We may have the first alien intelligence officers, who visited the end of the Second World War to study the strange activity of earthmen. The question remains open.

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