Delivery to be! Japanese cargo ship starts to ISS

Delivery to be! Japanese cargo ship starts to ISS

Japanese cargo vessel HTV-7 launches to the ISS on September 22, 2018

A Japanese freighter went to the ISS, embarking on a 5-day flight. The cargo ship HTV-7, loaded with 5 tons of scientific equipment, food, fuel and other supplies, launched on the H-II rocket on September 22 from the Tanegashima Space Center. If everything goes according to plan, the HTV-7 will arrive at the orbital laboratory on the morning of September 27.

It was originally planned that HTV-7 (Kounotori 7) will be launched on September 10, but the start had to be canceled due to the impending typhoon Manghut. Bad weather was accompanied by malfunctions in the rocket, due to which they were again forced to delay. This is the seventh mission in the Kounotori series. The first of two cargo ships was launched in September 2009, and the sixth one - in December 2016. HTV is one of four robotic cargo spacecraft serving the ISS. The remaining three: the Russian Progress cargo ship, the SpaceX Dragon capsule and the Cygnus spacecraft from Commercial Orbital Transportation Services.

Progress, HTV and Cygnus complete their missions by burning in the earth's atmosphere when returning from orbit. Only Dragon is considered reusable, landing on the ocean by parachute.

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