Japanese cargo ship arrives at ISS

Japanese cargo ship arrives at ISS

On September 27, 2018, the Japanese cargo ship HTV-7 was docked using the Canadarm2 to the ISS

A robotic Japanese cargo ship arrived at the ISS 5 days after launch. On September 27, the large “arm” of the Canadarm2 orbital laboratory attached the HTV-7 spacecraft at an altitude of 404 km above the northern Pacific Ocean.

Astronaut and commander of the current Expedition 56 Andrew Fustel said: “We are delighted to welcome the HTV-7 to the ISS. We always with great pleasure observe the arrival and deliveries to the station. ” Crew members can now begin unloading more than 5 tons of food, fuel, supplies and scientific equipment.

On September 22, 2018, the HTV-7 was launched on the H-II rocket from the Japanese Space Center Tanegashima. HTV-7 is short for “H-II Transfer Vehicle”. This is the seventh mission of the HTV program, which also bears the name “Kounotori” (White Stork). HTV is one of four robotic spacecraft delivering cargo to the ISS. The other three are: the Russian Progress ship, the Cygnus ship from Northrop Grumman and the Dragon SpaceX capsule. The last device is the only one intended for reuse.

Five ships are now attached to the ISS: HTV-7, Progress cargo ship, two Soyuz ships and the BEAM module - an inflatable habitat built by Nevada Bigelow Aerospace.

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