Secret Files: Did Britain Plan to Crush Russia with Alien Weapons?

Secret Files: Did Britain Plan to Crush Russia with Alien Weapons?

British spies planned to capture a flying saucer and use alien technology to create a super-weapon. This is reported published records in the secret archives. Even after the end of the Cold War, there were fears that Russia or China could find UFOs and use their secrets to develop ultra-fast combat aircraft capable of floating in the air and not falling into the radar appearance.

For this reason, intelligence leaders urged the government to carefully study the sky to search for unfamiliar aircraft that could somehow resemble extraterrestrial technology. Moreover, the secret dossier obtained by British expert David Clark indicates that the government controlled two areas concerning UFOs.

The first was created only to collect messages about strange and suspicious objects. But the second and more classified digging is much deeper. For half a century, spies sent more and more reports about how immense the threat the Soviet Union is becoming. But in 1997 it became known that the security services were paying too much attention to such matters as the search for and abduction of aliens, which was not the main responsibility. It was ordered to conduct a global audit, select the most valuable information and close the department. Some reports showed that the subject of alien technology was even interested in the RAF (Red Army Faction). Of particular interest was focused on "the driving forces, invisibility and any new electromagnetic technologies." In the report of the senior commander of the Air Force, you can see a hint of the conviction that enemy countries already possess UFOs. Therefore, orders have appeared, such as “Watch all reports if incomprehensible or previously unknown technologies have been exploited by other nations”. The main attention of the military was to be given to any aircraft that resembles a UFO in its behavior. It is important to understand that this is a real report on 1000 pages.

These papers were removed from UFO records and transferred to the National Archives as part of an open government project in 2008-2013. However, at first the entire package of documents was delivered to Dr. Clark, who said that the records were postponed for release for more than a decade. It is evident that censorship is partially in the papers, but this does not erase the fact that Britain was interested in seizing alien technologies. Even more, despair was too great, and the British would do everything to get ahead of the Russians or the Chinese in the UFO hunt. In addition, it was 1997, when Russia was considered an invincible enemy and a threat to the West.

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