MUFON continues to receive reports of extraterrestrial beings

MUFON continues to receive reports of extraterrestrial beings

In 2016, a scientist from the US Department of Defense presented a description of a UFO that he saw during a trip to Ontario (Canada). It was about strange lights and laser shots. The witness who witnessed the event really seemed reliable, as he had real knowledge in the field of lasers and electromagnetic waves. But who listened to him?

A few weeks later, another report was published. In it, a meteorologist with the US military reported that they saw a “UFO in the form of a black triangle”. The object moved at a speed of 500 miles per hour at a height of 1000 feet in the canyons of Arizona. Again, the witnesses seemed reasonable and reliable people, but who will listen to them?

As a result, such reports in 1969 caused the formation of a non-profit organization studying UFOs - MUFON. This organization is engaged in the collection and study of messages about strange objects, lights and other cases that hint at alien activity.

An organization has two main goals. The first is to collect data. Simply go to the MUFON website and fill out an application. The organizers report that they receive 8000-10000 messages per year. After reviewing the application, a team of researchers goes to the person who reported the event to verify the facts and ask additional questions. Researchers are trying to check first all explicable options (airplanes, satellites, launching rockets, weather conditions). About 30% of messages are explained by natural phenomena literally at the first stage of consideration.

MUFON continues to receive reports of extraterrestrial beings

Another 60% of cases usually seem too vague, so the team collects additional data and checks the plausibility of the words. But there are also 30% that defy the standard explanations. This is not a direct hint at aliens, but it is possible that this is an advanced technology or strange events.

Reports that are in the last 30% are published in a monthly journal that the organization has been publishing for 47 years. In addition, MUFON holds symposia, negotiations and other events to attract representatives of the scientific community and the general public to the topic of the UFO.

The second goal of MUFON is to help humanity use ufology for the benefit of the development of our species. They believe that the study of flying saucers and the search for alien technologies will allow us to advance in technological development (for example, interstellar flights). They also hope to develop engines that will not pollute the air and consume huge amounts of fuel. In addition, aliens can use new and more advanced forms of communication, such as telepathy. Agree, it would be nice to get the opportunity to improve their own mental abilities and cognitive thinking. In fact, the search for newcomers and the exchange of knowledge with them will allow humanity to make a quick breakthrough in development.

Representatives of MUFON say that now they have more influence than in the 60s, because the scientific community cannot completely reject the idea of ​​extraterrestrial life. For example, the SETI organization publicly discusses searching for life on exoplanets and sending signals to extraterrestrial representatives.

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