Ufologists are sure that Valiant Thor was a guest from Venus. Witness stories

Ufologists are sure that Valiant Thor was a guest from Venus. Witness stories

Aliens on Earth would have to be difficult, because their hypothetical appearance is different from ours. But what if you take the form of an earthling? Indeed, in this case, it is possible, without causing panic, to contact and work with people. Perhaps this is what the newcomer from Venus did?

Today we will talk about a person who is remembered in the history of ufologists as Valiant Thor. This is an immortal alien, living on the planet Venus. In addition, he acted as commander of the ship "Victor-1" and is rumored to be now near Lake Mead (Nevada), where he heads the Council of the Twelve.

It all seems to be nonsense, but American engineer Phil Schneider said that this is all true. According to the story, Valiant Thor landed in Virginia on a small spacecraft in March 1957. Most likely, the military knew they were dealing with an alien because they had been given a Pentagon room for 3 years and were allowed to meet with President Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon and the chiefs of staff.

Ufologists are sure that Valiant Thor was a guest from Venus. Witness stories

How did this stranger wander around without causing questions from the crowd? He just looked like a normal man. But Schneider said that this is an immortal creature, which had 6 fingers, an enlarged heart, one giant lung, and copper oxide in the blood. In addition, it was an incredibly intelligent representative of Venus. His IQ was equal to 1200 (at Einstein and Hawking - 160 points)! Thor spoke fluently in hundreds of languages ​​(including alien), and his age reached 500 years (although he looked at 25 when he appeared).

Why did Thor arrive on Earth? It was said that his main goal was to help earthlings lead a life based on spiritual principles. He developed a plan to improve health care, the economy, science and technology, the justice system, education and management. Although the US government listened to him, but refused to accept assistance.

Ufologists are sure that Valiant Thor was a guest from Venus. Witness stories

Schneider also assured that he had personally met with the newcomer in Area 51, while developing the project for the creation of an underground military base. The engineer claimed that Thor knew many government secrets. He said that the United States has a device that creates strong earthquakes around the world, and the AIDS virus was created intentionally to take control of humanity.

Schneider said that in 1954, the United States signed a peace treaty with alien beings. In 1995, he stated that the government was hunting him, because 8 people who knew about the alien origin of Thor, died under strange circumstances. For example, one of his friends allegedly shot himself, leaving a suicide note. The examination showed that the words were written with his left hand, although the man was right-handed. Schneider continued to talk about the Torah until 1996, when the engineer was found dead in his apartment. They talked about suicide, but there were signs of torture on the body. Ufologists are convinced that the security services simply removed the extra witness.

Ufologists are sure that Valiant Thor was a guest from Venus. Witness stories

Collection of Valiant Torah fan club

We can say that the alien origin of Valiant Thor is just Schneider's invention. However, the writer Frank Stranges, who was friends with Thor until his death in 2008, also spoke about this newcomer. By the way, he published the book “The Stranger in the Pentagon,” where he described the personality and history of Torah.

And where is the Valiant Tor itself? Some ufologists believe that he lives in a secret shelter near Lake Mead, where, together with his followers, he is preparing a plan to save humanity. Experts are convinced that such a person did not exist at all, and the photos point to another real person. Moreover, how could an alien from Venus adapt to our temperature and pressure?

There is also an assumption that the US government specifically dismissed the rumors about the newcomer Valianta Torah, to divert attention from more classified projects.

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