What happens if we meet extraterrestrial life

What happens if we meet extraterrestrial life

Researchers hope that one day we will be lucky to find aliens. But what to expect next? Should we count on peaceful ties with interstellar neighbors or prepare for an invasion?

In fact, there is an action plan for interacting with extraterrestrial beings, which is called post-discovery policy (PDP). However, today no government in the world formally and openly accepts the PDP. Most likely, many countries have instructions on this subject, but they do not want to reveal the secrets of the public.

But in open access, you can find the 1989 protocol, developed by the SETI subcommittee from the International Academy of Astronautics.

What happens if we meet extraterrestrial life

“Men in Black“ (1997)

At the 2013 congress in Dallas, Texas, there was a discussion about what to do if we encounter extraterrestrial life. NASA sent a preliminary action plan in a report entitled “Will contact with aliens be beneficial or harmful to humanity? Scenario analysis.

What happens if we meet extraterrestrial life

“Independence Day” (1996)

Unfortunately, these plans are not spelled out clear instructions for implementation. In short, when detecting intelligent alien creatures should immediately contact the SETI. The organization then verifies the data, contacts the United States and other international organizations. The main goal is to unite all and speak on the common name of the Earth, and not be divided into countries. Also have to inform the media that will share information with the public. In a perfect world, this plan seems beautiful, but we are far from ideal. The fact is that the leaders of different countries have their own understanding of how contact with the newcomers should occur. Some encourage peaceful dialogue, others close their borders and prepare for defense, smaller countries will turn to large for protection, etc.

There is a second point. If the aliens parked the ship in front of the White House, then this is a clear hint of their technological advantage. That is, they must have advanced weapons. Then, in terms of negotiations, the Earthlings will be a weak side, which has no leverage.

In addition, there is no guarantee that we can even find a common language. It is unlikely that the newcomers speak at least one earthly language. What to do if we manage to arrange interstellar flights and meet another spacecraft or visit a populated planet?

What happens if we meet extraterrestrial life

“Alien Nation” (1989)

Most likely, you will have to act spontaneously: look for signs of friendliness or hostility, and then decide what to do next. If all goes well, then earthlings will try to establish friendly relations. If aliens cause doubts, you will have to observe from afar.

But these are just simple assumptions based on our understanding of the nature of potential aliens. It is likely that all major governments have a clear instruction that they simply do not disclose.

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