Can a document from 1952 confirm the existence of a secret group studying unidentified objects

Can a document from 1952 confirm the existence of a secret group studying unidentified objects

There are many interesting UFO hypotheses and conspiracy theories. But among ufologists, the Majestic-12 hypothesis and the document attached to it, made public in a rather mysterious way, seem especially mysterious.

In December 1984, a strange package arrived at the post of the ufologist Jaime Shander. It was a roll of 35 mm film. When it was decoded, they found 8 pages of a document dated November 18, 1952. If the document is true, it was a report from Vice-Admiral Roscoe Hillenkotter to President Dwight Eisenhower, with a description of two crashed alien ships.

The first crash concerns the famous Roswell incident in July 1947. The document described the detection of an alien plate and the bodies of four dead humanoids. It also attached the presidential decree on the creation of a secret Majestic-12 group, which was to investigate the remains of the newcomers.

Can a document from 1952 confirm the existence of a secret group studying unidentified objects

In 1947, President Truman created a group of 12 military-scientific personnel. They were called MJ-12 (Majestic-12). The group exists now, but all the original members have already died. The last Gordon Gray left in 1982. When a member of the organization dies, the group assigns a new person to his position. There is an assumption that MJ-12 has expanded to 19 people.

Shander decided to study this topic and, together with his assistant, went to Washington. The National Archives managed to find a note of July 1954, in which Eisenhower's assistant, Robert Cutler, mentioned a meeting of 12 members of a secret organization. Ufologists published this story along with the document and presidential decree. There was a lot of controversy in which even the FBI representatives intervened, who usually do not give any comments. Experts believe that the document was just a good fake. However, it is made so well that the forger was never found. And the FBI’s nervousness made many people think that certain moments in the document were true.

What about Majestic 12? Now it is one of the most popular hypotheses among ufologists. They are confident that there are still 12 US officials who continue to coordinate the process of researching UFOs and aliens across the country. Among the first participants were called scientists Vanivar Bush and Donald Menzel, as well as several generals and military leaders.

Another interesting point. The document on the Majestic-12 group can be found on the official website of the FBI in the public domain. This information is noted in the “fake” category, where it is recommended “not to blow an elephant out of a fly”, that is, not to believe gossip.

However, in the text there are many smeared places, hidden dates and names. Therefore, supporters of conspiracy theories believe that the document could have been falsification, but it contained a lot of reliable information. And this means that the hypothesis of the existence of Majestic-12 may be true. What do you think?

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