Light overboard of a spacecraft. What Buzz Aldrin Saw

Light overboard of a spacecraft. What Buzz Aldrin Saw

In 2018, the world flew around the news that astronaut Buzz Aldrin not only saw the aliens, but also passed a lie detector test, where he confirmed the veracity of his words. But is this what the astronaut saw?

Recall that Buzz Aldrin is a NASA astronaut, as well as the second man who visited the moon during the Apollo 11 mission. In 2018, The Daily Star published an article stating that Buzz Aldrin was one of four astronauts who passed the lie detector test, who confirmed that they had all seen the aliens.

Ufologists, having heard about the news, began to celebrate it as a personal victory. But experts have begun to doubt, and Buzz Aldrin himself hastened with explanations. The reality was such. After returning from a lunar flight in 1969, the astronaut told the leadership of NASA that he had seen a bright light in the porthole.

Light overboard of a spacecraft. What Buzz Aldrin Saw

He mentioned this information in the first few interviews. But Buzz Aldrin himself never said the words "aliens" or "UFOs." He could not say exactly what he saw, so he called it a bright light or sphere. Ufologists tried to get to the truth even at that time, because many astronauts openly stated about the observation of aliens, but Aldrin gave only hints.

Then what is this story with a lie detector? Buzz Aldrin said that experts from the Institute of Bioacoustic Biology and Healthy Lifestyles had come to him. This is a non-profit organization from Ohio. They explained that their “top secret technology” was able to scan people's voices and check how true their words were. The report states that 4 astronauts passed the test and every mention of a light or a UFO was true. But the problem is that no one checked the veracity of the reports of this organization. The science of bioacoustics exists, but it is not a lie detector, so the effectiveness of the “top secret” method has not been proven by anyone.

Light overboard of a spacecraft. What Buzz Aldrin Saw


But these reports fell into the hands of The Daily Star editors, who fanned the story. Buzz Aldrin repeated many times that he had not seen a UFO. There was light, but he said that it could be a flash from a separating rocket or a glare from the panels.

But ufologists remind us that in some interviews Aldrin used the word “unidentified”. The astronaut replies that he had in mind the unidentified part of their spacecraft, which became the cause of light overboard.

On the part of representatives of the institute who conducted the experiment with Aldrin, there is a clear confidence that they are right. They say that an astronaut can deceive himself. The ufologists agree that Aldrin saw an extraterrestrial spacecraft, but at NASA they silenced him.

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