Delivery for the crew of the ISS

Delivery for the crew of the ISS

The astronauts received a delicious delivery from Earth. Among the provisions, pizza and ice cream turned out to be a special delicacy.

The cargo ship arrived at the station two days after launch in Virginia. The equipment and experiments of NASA were on board, as well as chocolate and vanilla ice cream for 6 crew members and pizza ingredients.

Astronauts always dream of pizza, but the Italian Paolo Nespoli was especially hard. He has been on the ISS since July and will stay another month. To get the package, I had to use a robotic arm at an altitude of 418 km above the waters of the Indian Ocean.

In addition to cakes, they found sauce, cheese, pepperoni, anchovy pasta, tomatoes, olive oil, etc. in the capsule. Frozen fruits were sent in addition to the ice cream. Total capsule delivered 4 tons of cargo.

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