A robot with AI plans to invade space

A robot with AI plans to invade space

The Cimon robot is shown in a January 30, 2018 photograph during a communications test at the ESA European Astronaut Center in Porz (Germany). A round robot with artificial intelligence is part of SpaceX's latest delivery to the ISS. In the background are Christian Carrasch, Till Einsenberg and Christoph Kossl

A robot with artificial intelligence plans to be in space. A large, round, plastic robot head is part of SpaceX's latest delivery to the ISS. The list of cargo also includes two sets of genetically identical mice (males) - 20 astronauts mice.

The robot was nicknamed Cimon and so far there are no concerns about its future operation on the space station. He will behave peacefully and without a hint of rebellion and revolt against the team, as they like to show in science fiction films.

The name Cimon is an acronym for Crew Interactive Mobile Companion (mobile interactive companion of the team). A month ago, the German astronaut Alexander Gerst arrived at the station, and he will have the opportunity to present space life to the robot during three one-hour sessions. Cimon will execute teams and assist with research procedures.

The robot is endowed with a face, and Gersta’s voice is imprinted in his memory. That is, he can help the other five astronauts, but Gerst is best suited. To attract attention, Gerst will just need to call him by name. The language for communication is English (the official language of the ISS). Next year, Cimon will receive a new orbital master in the person of the Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano. The robot shows emotions and smiles if he likes the conversation, or frowns when someone is sad. During his stay at the station, his intellect should improve as experience progresses. The system is updated through the IBM Cloud.

The researchers decided to abandon the humanoid face, because they wanted to get rid of unpleasant associations with creepy movies. The entire project spent $ 5.8 million. A breakthrough happens when the astronauts head towards the Moon or Mars. In other worlds, any damage can be fatal, so it’s much safer to have a faithful robot assistant at hand.

Now Cimon is designed to replenish knowledge, so he has no arms or legs. But humanoid Robonaut lacked intelligence. He was taken to Earth in a Dragon capsule in May after a long period of inactivity and electrical problems.

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