The payload rushes to the space station

The payload rushes to the space station

On November 12, the Antares rocket launched from the island of Wallops to the ISS

November 12, 2017 on the territory of the northeastern coast of Virginia launched a rocket, on board which among the supplies were frozen delicacies. Orbital ATK was sent after sunrise.

The capsule should arrive at the station on November 14th. Among the 7,400 pounds of cargo there are sweets for 6 crew members, including frozen fruit bars and vanilla / chocolate ice cream (80 pieces).

In addition, the expected arrival of pizza. Let's not forget that the Italian cosmonaut Paolo Nespoli has long been waiting for his treat. The last time Orbital ATK used a rocket from another company, launched from Cape Canaveral (Florida). Initially they planned to send a rocket on Saturday, but they had to cancel everything, because a plane got into the limited air space. On Sunday, there were also problems, but the launch did take place.

The capsule will stay at the station until early December. Then it will be shut off, will conduct a series of mini-satellite deployments and sent to the atmosphere with garbage. The main supplier of NASA is SpaceX. Next delivery is expected in December.

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