Christmas in orbit! The space station was filled with a festive atmosphere

Christmas in orbit! The space station was filled with a festive atmosphere

Merry Christmas from the International Space Station! The crew of the 58th expedition sent home cheerful holiday wishes on December 25, marking the 50th anniversary of the first Christmas in space.

Astronaut McClain Ann Charlotte shared on social networks that in the festive season often looks at the glowing lights of earthly buildings and structures. She likes to admire her home planet from space and realize how wonderful the world is to us.

During the Apollo 8 moon flight on December 25, 1968, NASA astronauts Frank Borman, James Lovell, and William Anders completed the first historical flight around the Earth satellite and went to Earth. On Christmas Eve, Anders made a cult photo “The Rise of the Earth”, on which his native planet looks out over the lunar horizon.

Now on board the ISS, McClain Ann Charlotte, David Saint-Jacques and Oleg Kononenko live and work. The first two astronauts had a day off, while the Russian cosmonaut Kononenko fulfills minimal duties.

Christmas in orbit! The space station was filled with a festive atmosphere

Happy holidays from space! Astronauts McClain Ann Charlotte (right) and David Saint-Jacques looking for an elf aboard the ISS in the Christmas video greeting sent What does the holiday menu look like? These are traditional smoked turkey, candied fruits, corn, green beans, macaroni and cheese, and grilled potatoes. Dessert will be served with strawberries, bread pudding, butter cookies and shortbread with several packages of icing for decoration. These holiday treats arrived in orbit on SpaceX’s Dragon cargo spacecraft.

Perhaps, along with the products came and gifts, but the astronauts do not apply to personal belongings. But in recent photos flashed festive objects taken on December 3. For example, now a toy elf lives on the orbital station.

December 26, crew members return to their usual work. They usually have a holiday holiday, but this year they will have to work on holidays. That is, on January 1, everyone expects a full day. At this time, the astronauts will download items in Dragon and will be engaged in scientific operations. In the future they will be given a day off to compensate.

Kononenko has a holiday scheduled for January 7 in honor of the Orthodox Christmas. He will open his gifts traditionally on December 31, so it remains to wait a few days to find out what they sent him from Earth.

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