Astronauts need additional exercises and calories in space

Astronauts need additional exercises and calories in space

The Soyuz rocket is delivered by train to the launch pad of the Baikonur launch site in Kazakhstan (March 19)

To maintain health on Earth, physical activity is needed. If you are in space, then you will have to work more. The lack of gravity causes the heart to slightly expand and change the rhythm of work. For example, he has to work harder to circulate blood.

To counteract the negative effects, astronauts in orbit every day spend 3 hours on training. Exercise stimulates the strength of bones and muscles, as well as improves the cardiovascular system. Special attention must be focused on the muscles of the lower body.

A typical workout list includes a treadmill and resistance machines. All this helps build muscle and fight bone loss in zero gravity. In addition, much attention is paid to the issue of nutrition. Of course, the researchers are trying to diversify the menu of astronauts, but only about 220 “dishes” are put on the list, packaged in various containers. Every day, the member of the ISS should receive 2700-3700 calories per day. The astronauts enter all the data about what they eat into the tracker so that doctors can track the complete dietary history.

Usually there are 6 astronauts at the station. April 4, scheduled space walk. For crew members this is the usual part of the job. The procedures outside the station are spent for 6-15 days per year. This allows for repairs, experiments and updates.

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