For the first time, two women will go into outer space

For the first time, two women will go into outer space

For the residents of the International Space Station, space walk is a standard, albeit rare part of the work. Periodically, you have to repair or install something. March 8 announced that they are preparing the first spacewalk with a fully female composition.

First space walks

For the first time, two women will go into outer space

Svetlana Savitskaya - the first woman to go into outer space

In 1965 cosmonaut of the USSR Alexey Leonov the first in the world to perform the space walk (“Alexey Leonov's feat: what ended the first space walk”) . The man greatly risked his life, and he hardly managed to return to the gateway. However, he was able to prove that a person is able to perform this procedure and survive.

The second significant event in this regard occurred July 25, 1984. The championship again belongs to the Soviet man, but this time to the woman. Before you Svetlana Savitskaya, who is considered not only the first woman to take a space walk, but also the second woman astronaut in the world (the first was Valentina Tereshkova).

Her training took place at an extra-fast pace, because the rumor had passed that Americans were the first to accomplish such a feat. Savitskaya went beyond the limits of the spacecraft together with the cosmonaut Vladimir Dzhanibekov. They completed the mission in 3.5 hours. During all this time, Savitskaya did not demonstrate a single drop of fear or panic.

Fully female mission

For the first time, two women will go into outer space

A new mission is scheduled for March 29. McClain Ann Charlotte (currently in orbit) and Christina Koch (to arrive at the station on March 14) were chosen as performers. They were instructed to replace the solar panels at the orbital station. It is important to understand that women without male astronauts have not yet gone into outer space.

By the way, March 22 McClain will have time to go on a space walk with Tyler Haig. Interestingly, on March 29th there will be a 100% female mission, since Mary Lawrence is in charge of the flight, and Jackie Kagee is on the control panel.

Do not forget that the exit into space - dangerous operation. Astronauts are always under the threat of collision with trash fragments (speed - 7.7 km / s), emotional pressure and the risk of accidentally unfastening and moving away from the space station at a dangerous distance (oxygen supply is limited). However, Koch has already reported that he is not worried about this and is ready to perform the task with any partner.


NASA reported that they had planned this mission in the fall of 2018. The date came in the Month of Women's History, which allows you to express gratitude and again recall the contribution of women to the development of civilization.

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