Texas residents are still afraid of the return of UFOs

Texas residents are still afraid of the return of UFOs

In August 1951, a group of unusual lights appeared in the night sky over Texas. They stayed for several weeks and disappeared forever. The inexplicable and mysterious nature of this event continues to attract the attention of conspiracy theories.

For the first time the lights on August 25 in Lubbock were noticed by a group of scientists who in the evening simply sat in the courtyard of their colleague. At around 21:20 they witnessed an amazing sight: 15-30 bright bluish-green lights appeared in the sky and whistled over the head in the shape of “V”.

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They disappeared as quickly as they appeared. However, they appeared again an hour later in a more dispersed form. Over the next few weeks, hundreds of other residents will whisper about how the bright mass quietly furrows the heavenly space. All these messages are captured in the report of US Air Force captain Edward J. Ruppert under the table of contents “Report on unidentified flying objects.”

Texas residents are still afraid of the return of UFOs

The images reflect fancy lights in the sky over the city of Lubbock

One of the farmers described the horror on the face of his wife, who noticed the lights. She broke into a house with a pale face and shouts that she saw a “plane without a body”, where the wings were covered with bright blue lights. After the emergence of a large flow of messages, some local residents volunteered to study the phenomenon. A group of professors even began an unofficial investigation, where they measured the speed and angles of flight of lights. They noted that UFOs always traveled from north to south.

Texas residents are still afraid of the return of UFOs

Ruppert worked with US officers to obtain data on UFOs that were reported from various parts of the country

Events began to attract more attention after a student at a local university captured the lights on the camera. Later this picture appeared in almost all newspapers and magazines. There were a lot of controversies around the images, but the locals confirmed that they had seen the mysterious objects with their own eyes.

What was that?

Over the years, various explanations have been put forward, but the witnesses do not believe in anything. The Air Force reported that the lights were just the bottom of the aircraft. Other investigations asserted that it was just the birds that reflected the light from the street lamps. However, witnesses reject all of these theories, claiming that objects moved too quickly. To this day, many believe that representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations visited Lubbock, and one day they may return.

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