Incident in Dayton - 1980. Witnesses describe bright lights in the sky

Incident in Dayton - 1980. Witnesses describe bright lights in the sky

Perhaps each of us would like to see something strange in the sky and not worry about the consequences. But meeting a UFO does not always go smoothly. These people had to pay their own health.

The case from 1980 is considered one of the most famous events when contact with aliens ended in physical problems. It all started on December 29, 1980. Betty Cash decided to go to Dayton (TX) to try new dishes in the newly opened restaurant. Together with her, she grabbed her friend Vicky Landrum and her grandson Colby (7 years).

They drove by car. The road to Dayton passed through a pine forest. At about 9 pm, the trio noticed a bright glow in the sky, and then a bright object appeared. He lowered the height, while not dependent on the level of trees at a distance of 40 m from the witnesses. Landrum asked to stop the car, because she was worried that they would burn if they approached.

Incident in Dayton - 1980. Witnesses describe bright lights in the sky

Case descriptions in local newspaper

The description of the object itself diverges. Cash remembered only a bright light source, which had no form at all. Colby said that the UFO resembled an incredibly brilliant diamond with clear and even edges. But Landrum said that she saw an oblong object with a rounded tip and a sharp base. However, all three claimed that the UFO made loud noises, and a powerful flaming column burst out below. There was intense heat from the object. At first they wanted to turn around, but it was raining the day before, and Cash suggested that the car might get stuck when turning on a narrow road. They got out of the car to look around, but Colby began to cry and asked to move away from the object rather. When they got into the car, they realized that the metal surface was so hot that Cash had to wrap his hand in his coat to open the door.

Inside the cabin also began to fill with heat. Landrum touched the dashboard and realized that it softened. Interestingly, she left a dent, which they saw a few weeks later.

Incident in Dayton - 1980. Witnesses describe bright lights in the sky

The object went higher, and the car finally drove forward. They saw him in the sky for a long time, until about 23 military helicopters, which were trying to stay at a distance of 1200 m, appeared near the UFO. The witnesses were at home closer to 10:00 pm.

The story could be erased from memory, if not for health problems. A few hours later, the trio felt weak. Colby noticed a burn on her face, Landrum suddenly began to lose her hair, and strange traces appeared on her nails. The skin of both was blistered, as in a severe burn, and the eyes were constantly aching.

Betty Cash had a harder time, because for four days she suffered from severe headaches, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, pain in the head and neck. The scalp was covered with large blisters from which a clear liquid poured. Then the hair fell out. Doctors for a long time could not make a diagnosis. After 2 months, breast cancer was discovered, after which a mastectomy was performed. It all ended in a sharp deterioration in vision. The victims decided that the observed object belonged to the US Air Force, so they sued the US government and demanded compensation of $ 20 million. The process dragged on for several years, but the women lost. The judge said that the military did not have a similar object. But it is surprising that the judge in his conclusions was based only on the testimony of experts and the military, refusing to meet with the victims. In addition, he stubbornly ignored the information about the arrival of military helicopters.

There are two theories. Ufologists believe that women are not lucky to be close to a radioactive UFO, because their symptoms resemble a radar injury. Or they witnessed the secret testing of the space shuttle, which had a powerful nuclear power plant. Then the USAF simply hid all the data. What do you think?

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