5 cases of observation of unidentified objects in the modern world

Bright lights in the sky, strange aircraft with an unusual shape, sounds and flashes in the sky continue to be observed until now. Many of these phenomena can be explained by natural causes. However, the existence of secret programs and technologies makes it all the time to doubt what we see in the sky.

  1. Lights above the New Jersey Highway (2001)

5 cases of observation of unidentified objects in the modern world

A frame from a video recorded during a program to identify a threat to space activity from the US Department of Defense. It captures the moment when the fighters collided with an unknown object in San Diego in 2004

On July 14, 2001, drivers on the New Jersey freeway formed a traffic jam as they got out of their cars to consider a strange phenomenon. For 15 minutes after midnight, bright orange-yellow lights with a V-shape could be observed in the sky. One of the witnesses was Daniel Tarant, Lieutenant of the Police Department.

Air traffic controllers initially denied the possibility of a connection between the lights and the flight of a plane, a military helicopter or a space launch. However, the NY-SPI study group was spreading rumors that they were UFO lights. Moreover, the radars of the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States recorded them, but the government decided to hide the information.

  1. Pilots and lights (2004)

5 cases of observation of unidentified objects in the modern world

On November 14, 2004, an American aircraft carrier recorded a mysterious flying object on a radar 161 km off the coast of San Diego. Within two weeks, the team recorded strange vehicles, which appeared at an altitude of 24 km and plummeted into the Pacific Ocean.

When two aircraft carriers arrived in the area, they noticed a strange oval white object in the sky, resembling boiling water. There were no marks or markings on its surface, and infrared monitors did not record exhaust gases. The pilots tried to pursue the object, but it accelerated and moved faster than the fighters by 2 times. Catch up with him and failed.

  1. O'Hare International Airport (2006)

5 cases of observation of unidentified objects in the modern world

Flight 446 was preparing to fly to North Carolina from O'Hare International Airport when a member of staff not far from the runway noticed a dark gray metal ship hovering over C17. More specifically, on November 7, 2006, there were 12 airport employees and several witnesses outside of it who saw the floating object in the shape of a plate.

Witnesses reported that the UFO was hovering for about 5 minutes, after which it suddenly flew up and pierced the clouds so that a blue sky could be seen through the formed hole. However, the United States Federal Aviation Administration said that the radars did not record anything, which means that it was an unusual weather phenomenon.

  1. Observations at Stephenville (2008)

5 cases of observation of unidentified objects in the modern world

The small town of Stephenville in Texas is known as a quiet abode for farmers. However, on January 8, 2008, dozens of local residents saw something unusual. Over the highway 67 flew white lights. Local pilot Steve Allen said that the speed of objects reached about 4800 km / h, but no sound was heard. Objects flew first horizontally and then vertically.

Representatives of the US Air Force reported that at that time F-16 military fighters were flying near the city. But residents of Stephenville said that the observed ships were ahead of the technical capabilities of mankind.

  1. East Coast (2015)

5 cases of observation of unidentified objects in the modern world

In 2017, a video appeared that captured the rapprochement of the F / A-18 Super Hornet and UFO fighter. Upon further analysis, it turned out that the observed object according to the description coincided with the one that was noticed in 2004 in San Diego. That is, it is a rapidly moving white oval without wings and fuel exhausts.

Pilots watched the object at a height of about 8 km above the Atlantic Ocean. The mysterious ship moved rapidly and simultaneously rotated around its axis. No further explanation or investigation of the event followed.

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