What kind of strange lights saw the people of Texas in August 1951

What kind of strange lights saw the people of Texas in August 1951

In the appearance of mysterious lights in the sky, ufologists first of all see a hint at the arrival of newcomers. Usually their evidence is ignored by researchers. But the Lubbock case is different in that scientists have also seen this phenomenon. What are they faced with?

Strange events occurred in the sky of Texas in August-September 1951. It all started on August 25th. The couple from Albuquerque quietly rested on the terrace, when at 21:00 a giant bright object flew over their house at an altitude of 300 meters, which in shape resembled an airplane wing. Especially strongly allocated up to 8 pairs of blue lights. The object made no noise and quickly set off towards the south.

What kind of strange lights saw the people of Texas in August 1951

Lubbock lights, photographed by 19-year-old Carl Hart on August 30, 1951 in the city of Lubbock (Texas).

It took 20 minutes and already from the city of Lubbock received the first calls that fly in the sky a whole chain of strange lights of blue and green colors. People claimed that the aircraft did not make any noise and flew very quickly. It was shaped like a wing.

By a surprising coincidence, on the same evening, meteorites were observed in Lubbock. A group of professors sat in the house of the dean and watched the sky as about 30 bright lights flew past them at once. They moved synchronously in the form of an arc, and resembled stars in brightness. An hour passed, and the lights appeared again, but they showed chaos in flight.

What kind of strange lights saw the people of Texas in August 1951

Edward Ruppelt oversaw the Blue Book project for the US Air Force. This program monitored and researched UFO reports.

Moreover, 6 hours have passed since the moment of the first observation and two radars in Washington recorded the same objects at an altitude of 3.96 km, and their speed was 1.5 times faster than the speed indicators of the fighter who studied them.

While the government kept silent, scientists and professors were engaged in independent research. A special discovery was a photo taken on August 31 by student Carl Hart. He heard about the strange lights and managed to photograph them on camera. In total, he made 5 shots showing the bright spots in the shape of the letter V. Later, the Air Force representatives will conduct an examination and confirm that they did not find any signs of falsification.

This story immediately became the most discussed in the media. She was even interested in the ufologist Edward Ruppelt, who was also the head of a secret UFO research project Blue Book. What was that?

In his report, Ruppelt wrote:

I thought that the lights observed by the professors were some kind of bird that reflected the light from street lamps with mercury vapor. But I was wrong. This is not a case of light refraction or the arrival of a spacecraft. Most likely, we face some common natural phenomenon ”.

Skeptical ufologist Donald Menzel said:

The tip is in moving them. The lights moved in the shape of the correct figure. I think that this is a case of reflection of light from a thin layer of foggy mist, located above the head of the observer. The light source can be lanterns, lights from houses or car headlights ”.

But other ufologies disagree. What is embarrassing is that the lights also observed the territory of the city of Lubbock, where there are no lamps at all. Also, how to explain fast moving speed? The bird option was also widely discussed. But the professors who were watching the lights said that the birds should have flown low above the ground, which would have made it possible to hear the flapping of wings. But all the witnesses claimed that it was very quiet.

What kind of strange lights saw the people of Texas in August 1951

Captain Edward Ruppelt, standing between two men, at a 1952 press conference. He announced the installation of more than 200 cameras that were supposed to help collect information about UFOs.

Interestingly, eyewitnesses soon stopped giving interviews and declined to comment. After 40 years in one of the interviews, Karl Hart, who obtained the photo, said:

I don't invent anything. It's hard for me to say exactly what I saw that night. But I still feel terrible to talk about it ”.

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