Can the lights of Marfa be signals from alien life? Opinion ufologov

Can the lights of Marfa be signals from alien life? Opinion ufologov

Ufologists are convinced that in order to detect extraterrestrial life, it is not necessary to look deep into space. It would be wiser to pay attention to unusual phenomena that occur on Earth. And while scientists say that these are just natural phenomena, UFO hunters believe that we are missing out on signals from aliens. One example is the strange lights of Martha.

If you find yourself in the US state of Texas, then look at the town of Martha. Even at the entrance to the territory you will see an interesting tourist sign:

The fires of Marfa are mysterious and inexplicable bright spheres, the observations of which have been reported for more than 100 years. For the first time in 1883, rancher Robert Ellison registered them. Wet gases, fires, phosphorescent minerals, static electricity and ghost lights are called explanations. Witnesses say that these spheres change colors, move and change the intensity level of the glow. This phenomenon is still unexplained. ”

The Fires of Martha are bright luminous spheres that were first noticed in the vicinity of the Texan city of Martha (after which they received the name). One of the first observations occurred in 1973. Geologists Elwood Wright and Pat Kenny watched the light and tried to find the source. At first they were chasing the spheres in a jeep, then they continued on their way on foot. But the lights changed the distance all the time, and the men began to think that someone was just playing with them.

Can the lights of Marfa be signals from alien life? Opinion ufologov

Speaking of America, these “ghost lights” were also noticed in Oklahoma, North Carolina, Utah, Washington and New Jersey. The catalog includes about 100 places in the United States. Experts note that these lights appear only in places remote from towns and highways. Usually they linger in the sky for 3-5 minutes, but can hang for half an hour.

However, spheres are observed not only in America, but throughout the world. For example, lights were seen in China in 1978, in England and India in 1961. Some events are considered one-time, but there are regular. For example, in North Carolina, they appear constantly at a specific time.

What is the source of light? And why do lights appear in certain places? Some scientists believe that the whole thing is in seismic activity. Many places are located at points of geological instability and faults (cracks in the crust). It may be that the lights are created due to static electric charges that accumulate when stones rub against the surface.

Can the lights of Marfa be signals from alien life? Opinion ufologov

There is also an assumption that the lights arise for several reasons, but their appearance in different places simply coincides. Sources include electrical phenomena (such as ball lightning), methane (marsh gas) created by the decomposition of dead plants, and unusual atmospheric conditions that create mirages that reflect light. Ufologists believe that this glow is created by aliens who communicate using spheres around the world. Or it is a product of the activities of alien guests. The exact cause cannot be found, but the lights of Martha influenced history and archeology. Many temples were found near these places, where people worshiped lights.

In 1937, writer John Blofeld described the spheres as orange lights moving in space. By the way, orange balls were fixed in 1989 near the large Avebury stone circle in England, which is also called the “Druid Circle”.

Can the lights of Marfa be signals from alien life? Opinion ufologov

Recall that the orange spheres were also seen by pilots during the Second World War. But what is it? While ufologists point to UFOs, experts are looking for more plausible reasons. For example, in 1981, conducted an interesting experiment. Scientists took a granite core and put pressure on him at 15 tons.

The rod broke, and the test chamber was filled with small balls of light. This experiment was supposed to show what can happen in the earth's crust under high pressure. But is there a connection with the lights of Martha? What do you think?

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