Incident in New Mexico - 1976. What kind of strange lights witnesses saw near the Air Force base

Incident in New Mexico - 1976. What kind of strange lights witnesses saw near the Air Force base

This story happened in January 1976, but its consequences for one of the witnesses came back in 2004. It turns out that someone strongly did not want the journalist to continue to talk about what he had seen. What did he watch?

It will be about a journalist by the name of Bruce (the name is not indicated anywhere to avoid inconvenience), who in 1976 worked at a large radio station on Channel 3 in Portales, New Mexico. He was also a student who had to work on two other radio stations and take night assignments.

For work, he spent a lot of time at Cannon, the nearby air force base, where he was a member of a civilian air patrol. He managed to get acquainted with many military men, took flight lessons and collected all the local rumors. Everyone treated him very well and even ordered songs when he was on duty at the radio station at night.

Incident in New Mexico - 1976. What kind of strange lights witnesses saw near the Air Force base

On January 21, 1976, they wanted to test new communications equipment at a military base. Therefore, he went to the base to illuminate this story. Since Bruce was also an observer of the storms for West Texas and Eastern New Mexico, he had a notebook, binoculars, and several telephone numbers with him, which were used to warn about the approaching storm.

So, on January 21, 1976, Bruce arrived at the place in his truck. While he was waiting for the test to begin, several bright lights appeared in the sky, resembling fixed spheres. Two of them plummeted and hung almost above the ground. The lights were between him and the base. Bruce examined the objects with binoculars and described them as saucer-shaped plates with a bluish glow and a red glow below. Objects slowly circled nearby, after which they headed towards the Air Force base. Bruce reported that he watched their flight for 15 minutes. UFOs flew over the highest tower of the base and disappeared. Later, Bruce will talk to the military, who will confirm that they have seen the objects, and the rooms, by which they flew, were filled with bright light.

Returning to the radio station, Bruce learned that many locals saw the lights and called to share stories. Articles appeared in the media, and the police launched an investigation. Bruce suspected that the lights could return, so the next evening, along with other members of the editorial board, was located on the roof of the university dormitory.

Incident in New Mexico - 1976. What kind of strange lights witnesses saw near the Air Force base

Now Bruce took a camera with him, and someone from his acquaintances picked up a telescope. Closer to one in the morning the objects returned again. But now several F-111 fighter jets started to meet them from the base. But the planes could not get close to the UFO, because they were faster and faster. The chase lasted 45 minutes and ended in nothing. Objects just disappeared.

Later, the base staff will tell you that after the disappearance of objects, electricity was lost in all buildings. Bruce was also informed that none of the employees could explain the situation and even panic was visible among the authorities. Secretly, he was told that there were radar objects for two nights of observation, so these UFOs were real.

In 1976, Bruce briefly highlighted this information in the story and gradually began to forget about history. But that all changed in 2004. For some reason, on one of the radio programs, Bruce acted as a guest and remembered a UFO near Cannon Air Force Base. He even reported that he should have had a black and white image of the object somewhere. The next night (at 01:30) an unknown person called Bruce. And he got a phone call to a personal number, which he gave only to family members. The mysterious man said that Bruce should never again mention the events of 1976. Also he should destroy the photo and negatives. And so that Bruce understood how serious it was, the unknown person listed not only the names of all his relatives, but also named addresses, place of work, hobby, and even moments from the daily routine.

Bruce hung up and tried to forget about the incident. But a few weeks later, strange people began to appear near his home and work. They just watched from the opposite side of the street. About the mysterious men said the wife and children of Bruce.

Interestingly, he made two attempts to send photographs to the radio station by mail, but the envelopes never arrived. Gradually, Bruce refused to spread the events of 1976, and no one saw the photos.

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