Stephen Hawking made the first post on Weibo

Stephen Hawking made the first post on Weibo

The famous physicist Stephen Hawking appeared in all the Chinese media on Tuesday with his post from a social network similar to Twitter - Weibo. There, his account collects more than a million followers daily.

The scientist claims that humanity has at least 1000 years before it has spent all its resources.

In less than five hours, Hawking gave more than one lecture to Apple director Tim Cook, who also has more than 820,000 followers on this social network.

“In my physical travels, I could only touch the surface of the entire fascinating history of human existence,” said the Cambridge scientist in his first report, written in both English and Chinese, to avoid any information loss in translation.

“But now I can communicate with you through social media. I hope that our common will become more frequent and interesting, ”he added.

He also said that he first visited China in 1985, when he crossed the country by train, and last time only in 2006 at a conference on physics.

China, as a country, has tremendous scientific and intellectual success throughout the world. In connection with the message of Hawking, Weibo launched the hashtag #Hawking. He quickly began to gain popularity, because more than 12 million posts from users appeared on the network with him. Chinese authorities have a very strict policy on websites, banning numerous foreign websites and social networks, such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, but Weibo users have been added to the white list.

"My God! I communicate with Hawking, even if it’s just one-way correspondence! This will be the talk of the century, ”exclaimed one of the users after Hawking appeared on the Chinese Internet.

“This is a historical moment. I feel connected to the universe, ”wrote another commentator.

But the most popular comment became a guide for users, where they asked “not to lose their face” in the eyes of a great man: “Please keep calm in your comments, as each sentence will affect the overall impression of the Chinese nation.”

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