How drones will help unravel the secret of crop circles

How drones will help unravel the secret of crop circles

Recently, there was an initiative to use drones in agriculture. This is great news for farmers seeking to increase crop yields or minimize the negative impact of an excessive amount of fertilizer. However, this is bad news for those who want to keep the crop circle secret.

Eyes in the sky

The project’s initiative is robotics from the University of Minnesota, Nikolaos Papanicolopoulos. He wants to develop small solar-powered drones in order to give farmers a convenient and affordable observation tool. Farm drones will be able to provide daily updates of field views from a great height with a high level of detail.

How drones will help unravel the secret of crop circles

If you have data collection sensors and the right information processing algorithms, you can get huge benefits from the system. Drones have a wide range of possibilities, ranging from weed mapping to monitoring the use of glyphosate herbicides. In addition, drones will be able to record the incidence of plants, water level, chlorophyll concentration in leaves, height of vegetation, soil quality, the presence of pests, etc.

Alien Threat

But what does this mean for potential aliens? Well, it will now be much more difficult for them to use the earth's corn fields as easels for their mysterious messages. Of course, they create crop circles at night, and in fact we remember that the new system of drones is thought to work on solar energy.

However, farmers, on the fields of which most often register cases of alien vandalism, can order a batch of ordinary drones capable of recording events at night. For example, the company CyPhy Works offered a model on the cables. Such mechanisms are capable of catching living beings the size of a person at a height of about 100 m.

How drones will help unravel the secret of crop circles

Drone captures alligator on test picture

Perhaps drones will help shed light on the secret of crop circles. These strange marks gave rise to many theories and assumptions. For example, Stephen Hawking believed that unusual air whirlwinds could cause a drop in crops at specific locations. There is even a theory that the cause of mating of hedgehogs is to blame.

However, there have been cases of fraud. In 1991, two Britons reported that they had been creating hundreds of crop circles for 20 years. However, they did not admit how exactly they made such precise symbols and what they mean.

Sophisticated Technologies

In 2011, Richard Taylor of the University of Oregon wrote that crop circle makers use more sophisticated methods and technologies. Among the examples he cited lasers, allowing to form complex fractal forms in just one night.

Taylor's hypothesis also suggests that they may even use magnetrons taken from microwaves to create crop circles. It is the radiation that allows overheated stems to bend in a strange way.

For decades, farmers have been trying to catch crop circle authors. Perhaps observation from the air will help find the culprits (aliens or mystifiers-pranksters).

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