What the drone showed over the secret Zone 51

What the drone showed over the secret Zone 51

Hans Faulkner traveled to the Nevada desert in August 2015 with the sole purpose of finding newcomers. For this, he chose a very risky option - to look at the Zone 51, which is famous for its secrecy.

Faulkner worked on a documentary project on advanced aviation and extraterrestrial technology. Once in place, he explored the area before the warning signs were posted and sent a drone over the territory to get amazing shots.

He wrote:

Approaching Zone 51, you do not even suspect what you can see. It seems that this place does not exist at all, since it is ideally hidden behind several mountains ”.

What the drone showed over the secret Zone 51

Satellite image of Zone 51

This enthusiast posted several videos on YouTube (which were quickly removed) recorded with a drone in various places during the trip. His visit was timely, because as early as next month, signs were placed in the area banning the flight of drones. Therefore, it became even more difficult to study the base in which there may still be evidence of the existence of aliens.

The best among the available places for the review is an hour's walk. This is the peak of Tikabu, 41 km distant from the base. Faulkner began to study this topic since 2001, when he saw something strange:

I drove east through Missouri. It was about midnight when I noticed a flying saucer hovering over my car. It was a disk-shaped vessel with a slow, pulsating green glow. When the green light flashed, I saw the metal panels below. The device was huge and moved to the western side very slowly. He did not make sounds. ”

Faulkner continued:

I was in shock and drove at least 16 km before I ventured to turn around. There was no one. At first I thought that this was just a fantasy or a strange mechanism. The aliens were not my first guess ”.

In addition to the frames over Zone 51, Faulkner captured several aliens and UFOs. The most popular video shows footage of an alien - a naked gray humanoid with a thin body and a large head. It is alleged that the video was made in 1987 at a secret military base related to the study of aliens.

What the drone showed over the secret Zone 51

Faulkner says that he was able to get close to unraveling the secrets of Site 51. He believes in the Roswell incident, but is not completely convinced that aliens are still present in Site 51. He admits that the experience gained is useful, but he always It was scary.

The boundaries of Site 51 are not fenced, but the military closely monitor each “tourist” and they have the right to open fire if you cross the permissible line. It is worth noting that even with the drone, many of the Faulkner shots seem hazy and distant. Now, drones are generally forbidden to run, so you have to use only images from satellites in Google.

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