Trail from a fallen comet on Jupiter or a mysterious alien sign

Trail from a fallen comet on Jupiter or a mysterious alien sign

Among the attributes of an alien subject, most often consider UFOs, strange flashes in the sky and crop circles. The latter became especially popular in the 1970s, when a large number of circles began to emerge in the southern territory of Great Britain (can newcomers like English tea and the climate?).

Typically, these symbols (circles) in size cover more than 100 m, are represented by simple shapes or many complex elements. It would be possible to write off everything as a joke of local farmers or some specific weather phenomenon (which twists or crushes ears of corn) in a particular locality, but circles were recorded in 40 countries.

Trail from a fallen comet on Jupiter or a mysterious alien sign

Mysterious circles seen in Wiltshire in 2001

And this is not at all a modern phenomenon, since the first mentions began in 1678. Then the brochure “The Devil Mower” was published, where a plot with trampled wheat was described, where a strange figure was formed. We can recall the large circles seen in Wiltshire in 2001. We are talking about 490 circles with a diameter of 450 m!

Many people think that this is a banal joke and a hoax, as in one case (1978) several residents from the UK admitted. Some believe that they were specially created by scientists who find it convenient to test satellites in space in the presence of clear hermetic figures (but why did scientists simply not admit this?). Strong winds or even mini-tornadoes occurring in hilly terrain are referred to as the culprit. But the favorite theory is alien activity. Perhaps some alien artists use our surface as a canvas or this is an encrypted message.

Trail from a fallen comet on Jupiter or a mysterious alien sign

Trace from the collision of comet Shoemakers-Levy 9 with Jupiter

Moreover, ufology and a conspiracy theorist believe that aliens leave such circles not only on Earth. Recently, we described the event of the fall of comet Shoemakers-Levy 9 on Jupiter (“What did the collision of comet and Jupiter look like? Video”).

Interestingly, some thought that the comet trail suspiciously resembles terrestrial crop circles. You can look at yourself and note the presence of several circles, which in form fit to the images left on the earth's fields (in general, one filled circle inside the larger one is a characteristic version of recognizable mysterious surface markings in the fields).

We will not argue that the mark on Jupiter was left not by a comet, but by alien artists. Moreover, this “scar”, which appeared in 1994, lasted only a few months, because it is not a solid surface, but an atmospheric layer. But the resemblance seems interesting.

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