What kind of an unidentified object did the police see in 1965 in South Africa

What kind of an unidentified object did the police see in 1965 in South Africa

The United States is considered a breeding ground for UFOs because Americans send the most messages. Moreover, there are many American sites where you can leave your history or observation, and you will not be considered crazy. But ufology notes that there are many places on Earth where a large number of UFOs are recorded. South Africa is considered one of such territories.

One of the most famous incidents occurred on September 17, 1965. Police officers John Loken and Coos de Klerk patrolled on the Pretoria-Bronkhorstspruit road after midnight. They were speechless when their car’s headlights lit an unidentified object right on the road. Just imagine their surprise when, in the middle of a highway on the surface, men saw a UFO in the shape of a disk.

The police reported that the object was about 9 meters in diameter and was copper colored. A few seconds passed and the object began to rise, firing at the bottom with a flame from a double pipe. The patrol considered it to be engines.

What kind of an unidentified object did the police see in 1965 in South Africa

Photograph by Elizabeth Clarer

Men reported their observation. Loken said:

His take-off was faster than I had ever seen. The flame reached almost a meter in height, and the heat literally heated the asphalt ”.

After the asphalt has cooled, the police blocked the road for further research. It turned out that part of the road was sold under the weight of a UFO and melted at the take-off location. In diameter, about 2 m was charred, which correlated with the size of the engines.

The investigation passed into the hands of the military. Lt. Col. J. Brits will later give an interview in which he notes:

The case of the landing of a UFO was considered a highly secret event. Therefore, in the upper circles were investigating. So far I can not say ”.

The case remains unresolved. From the landing area, UFOs took samples of microelements and sent them for analysis to the Pretoria forensic laboratory. But no one has published the results. Therefore, ufologists are confident that an alien spacecraft has landed in South Africa, but local authorities decided to hide all the information in order not to disturb the public.

By the way, if we talk about a photo of a UFO from South Africa, then on July 17, 1956, Elizabeth Clarere (the wife of an Air Force officer) photographed a strange object in the sky. Ufologists are sure that this is a mysterious alien ship.

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